Wierd and Sacred Bones Present Søren Røi / Cult of Youth / Slug Guts(Australia) with DJs Hi-Fi Hillary and Frankie Teardrop

October 17, 2012

Tonight WIERD is once again teamin up with our old friend Mr. Caleb VRaaten to present a wild night of whiskey, rune and glow stick injected rock n roll mayhem as WIERD and Sacred Bones present CULT OF YOUTH, SLUG GUTS and SØREN ROI of RØSENKØPF!

This week's WIERD email was abducted by the CVLT:


Hi-Fi Hillary and Frankie Teardrop Spin the WIERD!
Wed. Oct. 17th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performances by Cult of Youth, Slug Guts and SØREN at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Christie St. at Delancey, NYC

Tonight yours Very Rarely Shady Lady P is once again gettin on with with none other than our big beloved King Boner himself Mr. Caleb VRaaten to present a wild night of whiskey, rune and glow stick injected rock n roll mayhem as WIERD and Sacred Bones present CULT OF YOUTH, SLUG GUTS and SØREN ROI of RØSENKØPF live at midnight!...man that sounds fukin horrible ugh what a mess, yesss...god knows we've done enough gigs together at this point you'll likely find us cuddling in the sticky booths in the back tonight at 3:30am. As a matter of fact we're actually in bed right now typing together mmm hmm, and yeah fyi that beard's definitely just as soft as you thought, "hey babe can you get me another cup of coffee? thanks...Oh hey I got yr mail its on the counter, yes I love you too..." :0

It feels particularly meaningful to have the eminently handsome boys of the Cult back in the WIERD at last tonight. Glenn is family at this point after having nearly killed me a million times, Jasper rang us up to permanently offer us a room in his Homo Sweat Home where we live today, and we hosted Sean's first ever live performance as CoY as he pumped the club full of incense and skipped around saluting in his tight little boy scout uniform back in the late 70's or whenever that was I forget that later gave birth to his eminently dignified Blind Prophet empire down on Heaven Street. Suffice IT to say, the FTW spirit of this infamous gang of amazing characters and great friends feels like a VReal homecoming. The band has been on the road over on the continent the last month playing their lushly restrained and critically acclaimed excellent new LP Love Will Prevail and the US tour kicked off in Boston last night. Slug Guts are from Australia which is my favorite country because IT is literally the furthest place on the earth from the WIERD you can travel and you get out and everything's exactly the same except the people talk like elves who got fired from Santa who's an ex-con and the animals have kinky little fuzzy pockets you can put stuff in. Of course the obvious question and reason we invited them tonight is to determine - do Slugs have pockets too? (oooh), and if they do what would you like to slide inside? Well I'm sure our fiercely svelte leather bitch in the roarin soi shadows has some as always brilliant ideas on that, and indeed Soren's makin his WIERD solo debut tonight. I'd suggest you get there early to beat all the vegan BDSM masses of RØSENKØPF fans fresh outa their orgone chambers with crystals round their necks channeling their intense dayglown sexual violence in the front row. And BTW the show starts promptly this evening at 11:15, so scrape yr sorry abstract asses away from the glowing box of death and get there on time for once, yeah right. Damn this is gonna be good. VR.