WIERD Presents the Very Rare Return of FRANK ALPINE with DJs Pre Op Trans, Hi-Fi Hillary, and Frankie Teardrop

February 13, 2013

I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely evening with the Young pleasures of one of Detroit's filthiest and finest last week. Masochistically beholding the sardonically disease-ridden embodiment of disgust, dread, and pure disappointment has never been more inexcusably sickening to sit through, what an horribly excellent night...how to follow that. VR.

Well seeing as 'that' is apparently the new IT, which as you all hopefully no(but never yes) by now never existed anyway, and neither does the sad, pixillated receptacle of abject abstraction known as you, the Very Rare World continues on into the wild night this evening! And this week the cadaverous carnival of Killed by WIERD intensity knows the best is the west for IT's third to last victim, and we're digging even further down into the funereal debasement of claustrophobic doom to welcome one of the absolute kings of primally warped electronic punk history as we present the return of FRANK ALPINE from Los Angeles, CA for a live performance at midnight! The great Mr. Rich Moreno has long been one of the truly crucial, eminently shadowy figures in the left coast's neverending and ever-expanding industrial and death rock undergrounds throughout all of his fantastically sinister, lonerwave visages such as The Boyscouts of Annihilation, New Collapse and The Centimeters. After releasing his bloodshot kickass self-titled debut in the fall of 2011 Mr. Alpine literally dropped off the face of the black earth. Word was he was dead, and maybe he knows too much and still is, but not everyone can be so lucky and get off that easy: nope uh uh, sorry gurl you ain't dead yet scrape your tired little broken body up and bring IT to the WIERD World one more time, the Very Rare is calling... But VRegardless, alive and Wierding or not - few if any trax have been consistently destroying the weekly party dancefloor more than icy torchers like "Night Sky", "Dark Places", and "No Exit" over the past year solid. So as a sendoff show of sorts for the band's forthcoming first ever European tour that kicks off next month, Rich and Quinn flew in this morning for this one-off gig. Needless to say the seethingly lascivious aether inside Ms. Chrystie 131 will be on fire tonight like never before, do not miss this one kids, IT may truly be your last, as IT never is...see you all very soon. VR.

Pre Op Trans, Hi-Fi Hillary, and Frankie Teardrop Spin the WIERD!
Wed. Feb. 13th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performances by Frank Alpine at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancey, NYC