THEOLOGIAN and JONATHAN CANADY Live in the WIERD Tonite with DJs Glenn, Christian Kount, and Frankie Teardrop

December 5, 2012

This week is destined to be hands-down the most fantastically crushing assault of pure death industrial synthesis the party has ever known, as WIERD welcomes THEOLOGIAN and JONATHAN CANADY for a blood-blackening double bill at midnight. Theologian's latest LP Finding Comfort in Overwhelming Negativity came out a few months back on his VRexcellency Mr. R. Loren's ever-venerable Handmade Birds imprint and as far as my ears heard was the heaviest and darkest industrial/noise release of 2012 by a mile, nothing really came close honestly. And as if that wouldn't have been enough to hold him for a couple years, which it would have, Leech dropped another full-length album a month later entitled The Chasms of My Heart on Crucial Blast that, though it had a bit more space under the ice to breathe, was nearly as brutal...not a bad year I'd say for the parasitic master of hopelessness. For this VR occasion Theologian will be performing as a trio with a live drummer and the great Fade Kainer from Batillus/Inswarm on electronics, amen.

Our long-time friend Jonathan Canady(of Deathpile/Dead World/Angel of Decay/Diamond Cult etc.) has for two solid decades now been an absolute pillar in the international power electronics and death industrial underground, and is no stranger to the WIERD World, having last graced NYC with his presence when his project Sexual Assault Rifle with the lovely Ms. SQ played the party back in 2010. He is one of the busiest men I know across the cultural landscape between both his music and painting practice, and has long been an inspiration above all as he's always pushing his sound further and further out from the Dead World womb where it began. Following his wild 30 track film soundtrack The Mind released in 2010, his most recent perplexingly bizarre, intra-terrestrial gem of a release yet Composite Soundtracks came out last month and the K7 sold out in a day apparently, and is the most composed, restrained, yet completely demented, mindmelting departure from his musical roots to date. I swear the middle 5 mins of "Composite Video(Edit)" sounds like a baby dolphin has waddled out of the San Diego Seaworld into the parking lot and connivingly reversed the flow on an old Harley's exhaust pipe and is drunkenly draining IT flippers to the metal all the way down to Tijuana like a 2 year old high on Ensenada's finest high end custom kazoo taco, what the fuck is this music, intense. So come on out to the WIERD tonight and see for yourself kiddies - between the 3 of them Lee, Fade and Dr. Deathpile have consistently produced so many incredible releases and live music events over the years it would take pages to even start listing them all here. Suffice it to say tonight should rightly be a long-overdue tribute to each of their amazing efforts. Enter the WIERD and bask in the shadows of the sound...that is the true pleasures of death. VR.

Oh yeah it's CoY-boy Christian's B-day, you're all invited to help Glenn and I lock our belovedly beautiful little whiney twink in the closet where she belongs when doors open and maybe if she's lucky we'll let her out at 3:45am to party for just fifteen minutes like ITs 2006...some of you may VRemember this amazing flaming masterpiece of Homo Sweet History, seems safe to say the greatest music video ever made no contest at this goodness the inexcusably brilliant things that have gone down inside our lovely Ms. #131 just south of Delancey - "What have we done?!?" We love you Christie K. happy b-day gurl mmm hmm! vXXXr