WIERD Presents the US Debut of Lust for Youth(Sacred Bones) with DJs Miz Margo, Taylor Rebecca, and Pre-Op Trans

December 12, 2012

First off just a quick reminder this week's WIERD can't lick itself. VR.

Season's Beatings from the WIERD World and Happy Holy Daze from the Holy Gaze of the Holey Gays! The gays have holes so you can put things inside and IT feels nice. The gaze has holes so you can't see IT and you have to look twice. IT doesn't exist anyway so what the fuck am I doing and who really cares. God knows you're sick as hell of this bitch slingin the Very Rares. So go walk your broken little bodies down the street and pay the shady lady Ms. Chrystie a visit tonight and this will all make even less sense than IT does now, something tells me she'll soon be ready to take a bow...mmm hmm.

This week WIERD and Sacred Bones present the US debut of LUST FOR YOUTH! The WIERD hasn't heard them yet, and the gaze IT nos obviously thereby hasn't seen them either, but a gay IT knows says they're hot :-0. Best bet I'd say is the name is all you need to yes...ahhh the pleasures of young flesh, so young and so cold in the fog and the lights...beautiful young Euro boys in leather from far far away with weird names and a Wierd sound...as always when 'i' chooses the left hand path pleasure is the law of the land...'i' knows you understand. Sorry my English not so good, 'i' tries so hard :-/ VR.

Miz Margo, Taylor Rebecca, and Pre-Op Trans Spin the WIERD
Wed. Dec. 12th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by Lust for Youth at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancey, NYC