WIERD Welcomes the VReturn of PINKISH BLACK with DJs Zee Baaron de Montaigne, Dave Castillo, and Frankie Teardrop

November 28, 2012

It's beyond Very Rare in the post-everything age that a band comes along that puts on a show that truly kicks your ass and offers a glimmer of hope that maybe the ever-impotent 'name the poison of influences' game isn't the only way left to process and let new music enter your world...that being through ingesting it solely with the brain to cerebrally encode and instantly shut it down it with a bland amalgam of tired names from the past...never allowing the vibrations of sound do what music was created for thousands of years ago - to wash over your body and decimate your nervous system to allow you to feel...as the few, best things in life always do. VR.

Pinkish Black was one of the few bands that did this to me this year when they drove up from Fort Worth, TX to play the crazily bloody, fogged out sweatbox of a Northside fest mess that Dave, Brandon, and I put on at Vitus back in June, which they kicked off by blazing through their self-titled debut album from start to finish in what felt like 7 minutes. Within the first few verses of the first song your mind has already cycled through so many putrified, incongruous corpses from the past that you realize controlling one of one of the darkest and heaviest rock outfits without a stringed instrument in recent memory by scraping this long torched flesh out of the fire is clearly entirely futile - leave it to rot and burn, and sit back and enjoy the show. Daron and Jon have been playing together a long time and simply know their shit, and when Daron lets the falsetto vox rip and float miles out over a pustulating arsenal of shredded low-end synths backed by a thunderous blizzard of live drums there's really nothing left to do but turn off the aching muscle in your head and let the pleasure of it all seep in...not sure if IT's that of death or life, but it's definitely real, and odds are you're likely not so so maybe IT's too real to feel...which as you all know the IT always is, and in which case stay home and google yrself into the ground. Seriously this band is fuckin great, come on out and party tonight, and get VReady for another excellent evening in the WIERD World...

Frankie joined an illuminating roundtable discussion on the trials and tribulations of obscure music blogs this past week:

And the great Mr. Torsten Meyer from (((Unartig))) shot a nice video of last week's 9 year anniversary party with Led Er Est. Thanks so much Torsten.:

Dave Castillo(Erotic Hardcore BK/Miami Vitus HQ), Zee bAaron de Montaigne(PDX - Dangerous Boys Club, Ex-Antioch Arrow/Heroin), and Frankie Teardrop Spin the WIERD!
Wed. Nov. 28th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by PINKISH BLACK at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Christie St. at Delancey, NYC