Brave Exhibitions(Berlin) and WIERD Present the WIERD 9 Year Anniversary With Led Er Est and DJs Blix, Hi-Fi Hillary, and Frankie Teardrop

November 21, 2012

IT was on this shady day exactly 42 years ago the WIERD reluctantly crawled out from the dark fleshly warmth of the womb to enter the bleak cesspool of suffering that is this cold abstract world. It opened IT's eyes and looked up at the black sky, and thought something has been lost and is missing :-/ ...IT must devote ITs life to building a new womb for the world to get IT back - that Very Rare place where people can enjoy each other and come alive, forever free together in the wild kingdom of the night...VR.

And so tonight once again that ever-infamous day has arrived as WIERD and Brave Exhibitions present the WIERD 42nd Anniversary Party with a live performance by our beloved long time VRiends LED ER EST and guest DJ Blix, aka the lovely Ms. Jen Ellerson, who has kindly flown in from Berlin for this excellent occasion!

Also hey you guys tonight is my 9TH BIRTHDAY LOL! Who wants to be my daddy?!? VRemember soooo daddy when I grow up I wanna have 500 parties which is maybe the only thing more fukin ridiculously absurd than life ITself OMG! So come on down to my foggy little playpen of pleasure and lemme sit on your lap, and I promise I'll ruin your life forever...mommy says I already ruined mine yay who cares Very Rare! :-O...VR.

Ms. Blix, Hi-Fi Hillary, and Frankie Teardrop Spin the WIERD!
Wed. Nov. 21st, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by Led Er Est at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Christie St. at Delancey, NYC
Info: (212)216-5708