Wierd and DAIS Records Present Cold Showers Live with DJs Miz Margo and Frankie Teardrop

October 3, 2012

Tonight the WIERD is once again tearin up the night with our long-time allies Ryan and Gibby from DAIS Records to present the COLD SHOWERS Love and Regret record release party! These young restrained merchants in L.A.'s seemingly neverending, rich lineage of cryptically brittle gloom and doom have been out on the road playing their debut LP to jam packed houses across the nation with the likes of Soft Moon, The Raveonettes, and The Jesus and Mary Chain, and despite the heat bein cut, they've been steamin up the sad sticky rest room that is the past year following excellent early singles on Art Fag and Mexican Summer. Love and Regret is a solidly dark and driving psychedelic rock record that hauls your shady latenight ass down the long left lost highway of La Vague Froide classique with blurry paisley rainbows and trailers ablaze. Fans of everything from Marquis de Sade to Medicine to Loop to The Warlocks will be lost in an explosively lysergic bouquet of black orchids for hours, come on down and get into IT before the IT gets you. Which as you a should well know by now, IT already did. You're fucked. VR.

And speaking of the neverending trials and tribulations of the VR, this evening will also be inordinately RV, climb on into my tiny little re-creational vehicle that is the night that awaits you, and and I will explain.

For years now many of you have been relentlessly berating the WIERD as to when exactly I will finally perform at the party. Well you'll all be delighted to hear at long last IT turns out tonight's the night! - I will be opening the show, literally, right there by the door, won't you come inside? IT's my big night at last, and I must say I'm a bit nervous...but as unfortunately I cannot make IT this evening, I am making IT up to you all by taking center stage...on the banner that is. "Hey wait, who's the 'her' that got banned? She's not coming, why the hell'd you banner, wtf?", you cry out in the cold. "Why IT is me", I lament, "Ms. VRp", foiled and abstracted again...alas.

So...I really hope you all enjoy my performance this evening, god knows I'm right here in the middle how could you possibly miss me? Please let me know how I am, I'm simply dying to know??? I wish I could be here, but as you know I remain Very Rare, so...my goodness all this leaning to the right is making me dizzy (go Barack!), ugh I need a drink. Needless to say:

IT is officially going to be WEIRD tonight...see you all back in the WIERD World next week, I will be back, stage left, hiding out in the shadows where I forever don't belong. RV.

Miz Margo and Frankie Teardrop Spin the WEIRD!
Wed. Oct. 3rd, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by Cold Showers at Midnight!)
WEIRD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Christie St. at Delancey, NYC