WIERD Presents KONTRAVOID Live with DJs Ralf Thyssen, Hi-Fi Hillary and Miz Margo

September 26, 2012

The VOID remains perhaps the only thing left in the World that is truly is real, the only problem is IT doesn't exist, VR. As established in the pleasures of death that play out on the multiply POV'd rollercoaster of an evacuated self that is Gaspar NoƩ's 2009 masterpiece, entering the void allows you to finally realize all the joys that your sadisticly venomous, tired black mind desires - you can float through coreten walls, brutally execute your whiny little neighborhood cokedealer, or passionately sodomize your beautiful younger sister, fun stuff. Regardless of ITs twitchily noncommittal existential status, after being graced by the lovely Ms. Shari Rari's undeniably dazzling performance last week, clearly the end-all allure of the void has seduced the WIERD World. And the Voidly Visionary latenight lifestyles of your abstracted and digitally compressed body continue this evening with part two as WIERD proudly welcomes the US Debut of KONTRAVOID from Toronto, with guest DJ the great Ralf Thyssen of Germany's longstandingly legendary "Pagan Lovesongs" Party! Kontravoid is the mysteriously enmasked moniker of the new solo project of former Crystal Castles, Trust, and Parallels drummer Cam Findlay who released his self-titled debut LP back in February on Tarantula X Records and he's out on the road playing its seethingly pummeling high-end-heavy collection of 9 dark, dirty and delicious classic industrial dance trax for the first time. Remember contra or not, you simply cannot resist the Void...ITs inside you and is the essence of your life, and its too real to feel. So best you simply give in and let IT out for a few hours, the cold gods know you deserve a fukin break things are rough out there. See you all this evening...VR.

DJs Ralf Thyssen (Pagan Love Songs/Germany), Miz Margo, and Hi-Fi Hillary Spin the Wierd!
Wed. Sept. 26th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by KONTRAVOID at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancey, NYC