Shadowplay @ The Pentagon

September 23rd, 2011

This Friday night a bunch of us old school WIERD Worlders are teamin up for a crazy night of classic gothic rock 'n VRoll fun at one of BK's hottest new coldspots to present SHADOWPLAY @ The Pentagon in Greenpoint! RØSENKØPF and BOOTBLACKS are playing live followed by an all-night dance party with all yr fave wobbly late-night DJs Jeralyn, Omar P., Glenn and yes Big Momma P-ness is comin outa retirement to give ITself one more grimy go, we're creepy crawlin the night away with all the trashy hits unapologetically bared, VR...This place is great man - big black warehouse, no rules, I'll bring my uber faggy light show and gas chamber of froidetastic black love plugged into RØSENKØPF's PA and make it look all foggy fresh n froide-y fierth. Been a while since we did one of these, yes!