Wierd and Brooklyn Vegan Present: Anatomy of Habit, Vaura and Rosenkopf!

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

And as a final VReminder of sorts this sat. night November 5th Brooklyn Vegan and WIERD will be presenting the NYC debut of Anatomy of Habit from Chicago on an ultra hot and heavy bill with Vaura and RØSENKØPF at St. Vitus thats undeniably in the running for show of the year! Along with the likes of the mindmelting gigs we've hosted in the past year by Locrian and Mirrorgate there's an explosive new world being born amidst this amazing trio or groups that each effortlessly traverse the soon-to-be-destabilized genres of doom, post-punk, and industrial/noise ,and its a solidly blistering force to contend with. So please everyone come on out, I assure you this will be a show to remember for a long time! Pay a visit to the BV link below and get a habit for yourself, as you sit back to enjoy the bliss of the darkness tearing you apart.: