WIERD Presents a Live Performance by Amazon Dart Tonite!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Well things certainly haven't been lukewarm in the WIERD World the past week, more goings on than I can VRemember most likely but see if I can foggily paste in a few with my fingers all sticky, apologies for the effusivity...what can we say a lot goin on kids :) :

Thanks to everyone who came out to the lovely long day in the frozen hot sun of Queens as WIERD and Agnes b. hosted a day of minimal electronic music, some images and words from his Frankie T. are floating out there in the aether below...needless to say watching thousands of people frantically dancing in the 85 degree afternoon sun to the masterful compositions of our many long-time heroes such as Opera Multi Steel, End of Data, Solid Space, 18e:Oktober, The Vyllies and too many more to mention, as well as killer new trax from the likes of the WIERD family's own Further Reductions, Led er Est, Flesh Graey Display, Blacklist, and brand new, never before heard songs from X&O themselves was quite a lovely sight to behold from our little spec of dust in the big cold world:
Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wierd/sets/72157621749648790/show/
Recap: http://blog.limewire.com/posts/22259-xeno-and-oaklander-at-ps1-nyc-71709/

In other news on the Xanten Kingdom, Xeno & Oaklander have curated an amazing playlist for the Fader which just went live, the entire tracklist is completely downloadable, also of note in this incredible setlist is the first glimpse of the forthcoming Led er Est LP coming this fall which M. NoEQ and the Kklovenhoof'd one are wrapping up as we 'speak', the included new song is a demo for the new track entitled 'The Unkept Area' and is an absolute gem:

Another new interview with the band is up now on London's esteemed PiX Zine site courtesy of the lovely Lauren Dillard which rumours have it will soon be moving to Brooklyn to join the WIERD army in Sept. :) !:

As our ever supportive VRiend Jamie mentions in the Fader piece, in anticipation of the huge upcoming Halflings/Pharmakon 20 city US Tour August 7-27th, this coming weekend will play host to another massive festival of heat-seeking electronic pleasure, as our young Very Rare heroes Yellow Tears and Pharmakon will be hosting THE BURNING FLESHTIVAL!!! - an epic two day Event out at the Red Light District in Far Rockaway, Queens - the Extreme Noise VeryRerror capital of NYC at the moment! So many long time friends of the WIERD will be gracing the pleasure-encrusted stage at Chez Jaune - Hive Mind, Sickness, Halflings, Body Collector, and Ms. P herself are only a few artists who will be performing at this one! More info is here on the recently founded Red Light board, if you have a fukin clue you'll keep up with these mysterious shadowy figures single handedly keepin the NYC industrial and powerelectronics scene from degenerating into indie-stoner knob twiddling 'dude fuuu...what does this knob do?...whoa...sweet!' sadness:

And speaking of Ms. Margaret, the debut Pharmakon CD is now finally out and available on BLOODLUST! Made exclusively for Margaret's recent near-capacity performance with Mark's amazing new project thats quite the talk of the VRindy city at the moment 'Anatomy of Habit' and Locrian at The Empty Bottle in Chicago a few weeks ago, this release can only be called pure icicular intensity anatomized, just a handful of copies left, so take yr greazy little hands outa yr pants and slidem over the mouse to kingdom Bloodlust Centraal...and prepare for the new death-industrial soundtrack of the best day of yr life!:

Blacklist's 'Midnight of the Century' is now streaming in its triumphant entirety now at Paste Magazine!:

Two new videos and live images from last weeks Head Trip Conception Show in the WIERD are up here:
Photos courtesy of Mary from Zincink.com : http://www.flickr.com/photos/wierd/sets/72157621471066083/show/
'Terrorfied' video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yu1zU_WUwUU
'Disfractured' video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7hK6epNn7o&feature=related

Well WIERD has certainly been host to a VRlethora of amzing performances by frozen-femme-fronted soaring cold guitar wave groups this past year from the likes of Italo-wave kings Moldig last August to Religious to Damn, Tamaryn, Zola Jesus, and Further Reductions more recently the shimmering vox femalia have kept us shivering with loving discomfort all year long! This week WIERD presents another great group in the Vague Froide Moderne Italienne(sic) lexicon AMAZON DART for a live performance at midnight! Ms. Dalila Passotti has just flown in from the cold deep North of Turin, Italy to creepy crawl yr skin and bones - fans of the classic French, Spanish and Italian wave queens such as Tanit, Les Enfants de l'Ombres, or Exces Nocturne as well as more familiar VRartists including the young Kate Bush, Toyah, late Nico or mid-period Siouxsie will certainly not be dissapointed!

And lastly if Ms. 'Dark Sparkle' Margo from San Francisco's killer DJ set last week wasn't enough, this week WIERD welcomes back Ms. Katie Rose from Further Reductions to join Sean and myself if I can keep my tired old eyezzz open on the wheels of the WIERD!...alright enough fukin links I'm blistered and burnt, gonna go outa the bunker and see if theres anything left apart from this glowing rectangular window of reeking post-putrifaction...

Pieter, Katie Rose, and Martial Canterel Spin the HOT History of the Swiss-Italian Alps!
Wednesday July 22nd, 10pm-4am
(Live Performance by Amazon Dart at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancey, NYC