WIERD Presents a Live Performance by Zola Jesus!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Well all of us in the WIERD have been quite spoiled the past few months by the VResence of a fantastic new icy windfall of female fronted wave groups with an undeniably Very Rare cold psychedelic flair, needless to say its been an amazing time to be in New York to witness the likes of recent shows by Tamaryn, Religious to Damn, Pharmakon, and Further Reductions all in the past 8 weeks! The pleasure storm of inordinately elegant and talented young ladies of the night is only speeding up in the coming weeks though I'm proud to say with upcoming performance by Amazon Dart, the return of Further Reductions next week, and just announced on August 12th WIERD will present the debut performance by Brooklyn's newest edition to the Femme Fatalelectronic lexicon - the mysterious new group known simply as CHRISTINE...VR, rumors have it certain members of N. Antolik are involved in this one...we shall see...This new wave of killer femme-noire bands have spanned the gap between the swirling cold guitar-inflected, Vague Froide inspired 'gypsy wave' on the one hand and the long-overdue return of the sound of classic minimal electronics on the south pole where the KR-55 as hot as ever!...think we'd all agree after Ms. Katie Rose's floor torchin debut DJ set last week, we're all burnin up with GATO NEGRO LOVE :)))

So this week WIERD is proud to welcome the newest addition to this fragile, frigid wing of the WIERD World - the lovely Ms. Nika Roza Danilova aka ZOLA JESUS for a live performance at midnight! Nika's chilling echo-encrusted recordings entirely bridge the gap between the soaring history of Cold Synth Wave and the aggressive new fuck all lo-fi/no-fi-electronic sound floodin the outskirts of warehouse-everywhere/BKNY these days - one can hear the ghostly spirits of everything from KAS Product to Diamanda Galas to a young Kate Bush...all ultimately bowing down to the queen of all darkness herself the late Nico, sure to be haunting the depths of the WIERD fog this week through Ms. N. For this particular performance we're in for an extra special edition of ZJ live as Nika will be backed up by none other than our beloved Dr. A. Death Domain from dark synth Baltimore on synth!...so bring yr new firce leather surgical gloves and do yr parasitological homework as the Cold Russian winds are gonna shine black as all WIERD Hell tomorrow night!


Thanks to the tireless efforts and neverending VRenerosity of Mr. Frankie Teardrop the WIERD Photo Archive has been updated with the past few weeks of activites! And rumors have it Ms. Jeralyn up in VRintage Couture Boston is currently kindly offered her efforts to entirely recatalogue the historical archive of WIERD event fliers..so some day soon I hope to proudly link you all into the 350+ shows over the years...soon enough...:

Sleep Museum Live in the WIERD 6.24.09:

Sexual Assault Rifle Live in the WIERD 6.17.09:

Blacklist Live at Santos' 6.24.09:

Complete WIERD Live Photo Archive:

Pieter and Glenn Spin the WIERD World!
Wednesday, July 1st, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by ZOLA JESUS at midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancey, NYC