WIERD Presents the Return of SLEEP MUSEUM!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This WIERD is dedicated to anyone who has ever blogged about a private subject in a public place...or perhaps better put...anyone who has ever taken a frozen cold shit in the woods...just please remember not to wipe with the poison oak when you're finished and its time to 'log off' darlings, you know thats what you get for not updating your anti-virus protection - oak isn't only a tree 'onscreen', its forever and ever...god knows the world is getting WIERDer every day, use protection, life is long...keep yr photshopped dreams alive!...VR.

And speaking of the Very Rare private nightime world, this week WIERD welcomes back his analogue electronic eccentric excellency Sleep Museum for a live performance of minimal electronic music at midnight! This will be Robert's first appearance at the weekly party in over a year, come on into our lovely little VRunstverein of ice as the smothered screams revel in the unbearably pleasurable Nepalese nightmares all evening long!!!

Lastly just wanted to remind everyone the the big cold guitar summit on this same evening at Santos's featuring Blacklist and The Legends from Sweden will be an EARLY show beginning at 9pm with the official afterparty at WIERD, so get yr shit together outa the woods and get there promptly, our boys in black are on at 9:30 sharp...see you all in the WIERD.

Pieter, Katie Rose(Further Reductions) and Sean NoEQ(F.R./Led er Est) Spin the Metaphorical Vulgarity of Blogging Alone...
Wednesday June 24th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live performance by Sleep Museum at Midnite!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancey, NYC