WIERD Presents the Return of Cult of Youth!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hello O young children of the cold...did everyone live through last week in the WIERD World??? Seriously what a fantastic few days it was between the Pre-No Fun Celebration at the weekly party followed by 3 solid days of the most intense new experimental synth, wave, and industrial/noise acts at the Festival at The Music Hall of Williamsburg we're all quite spoiled right now in NYC. Of course congratulations to Carlos G. and everyone over at No Fun for keepin the fest goin all these years, maybe some of you also as I did felt the melancholy setting in after the final performance Sunday night knowing this is the last one the US will see as NFF sadly moves permanently overseas from here on...alas...needless to say thanks to everyone for coming out last Wed. as well as Fri. to support our VReloved Xeno & Oaklander's performance, along with the likes of Yellow Tears, Grey Wolves, Sons of God, and Mattin in the house it was quite a weekend! Recap, pix, and reiews of all are below...

Most importantly of all this week if you do 1 VR activity I strongly encourage everyone to come out Saturday evening to Anthology Film Archives for the debut screeing of Miss Liz of Xeno & Oaklander's fantastic new body of film work entitled 'COLD CINEMA'! I was fortunate enough to see the films myself last week and can assure you all enthusiasts of cinema and cold musical jouissance alike will feel the frozen chills of pleasure down the base of yr spines for 50+ minutes...miss this one kids and never ask me for another free drink...ever :)))
More info on the event and Miss Liz's film work here:

'Opticks I - XIV'
2008, 3 minutes x 14, 16mm, color and bw, sound. Editing by Taylor Thompson; music by Sean McBride (Martial Canterel /Xeno & Oaklander); performances by Brandi Hudson, Elissa Santiago.
Total running time: ca. 50 minutes
Saturday, May 23rd at 7:30/$9
Anthology Film Archives
32 2nd Avenue (at 2nd Street) NYC
F & V Trains to 2nd Avenue
Info: 212 505 5181

Photos of the Pre-No Fun Party at WIERD are up as always courtesy of the amazing talents of Naomi Ramirez!:
Martial Canterel: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wierd/sets/72157618418690179/show/
Envenomist: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wierd/sets/72157618503118888/show/
Crook & Scourge(Featuring Hive Mind...VR): http://www.flickr.com/photos/wierd/sets/72157618413118975/show/
R. Jencks(Sixes, Deathrones, Crash Worship): http://www.flickr.com/photos/wierd/sets/72157618498397830/show/
Complete WIERD Live Photos on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wierd/sets/

The new archive of No Fun Fest Pix is also up(Xeno & O played Fri. 5/15:
Tons more photos, videos and reviews via Brooklyn Vegan: www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2009/05/no_fun_fest_mho.html
Xeno & Oaklander 'Sentinelle'(forthcoming/unVReleased) Live Video Friday Night at NFF:

The entire Yellow Tears and Pharmakon performances at the weekly party are now up online courtesy of the mysterious Mr. Mathbill...make sure you make it till Margaret starts lettin the darkness rip at 1:40 or so into Part II, bless her little bloody black heart...VR:

Yellow Tears Alive in the WIERD April 1st:
Part I:
Part II:
Pharmakon Alive in the WIERD February 25th:
Part I:
Part II:

Lastly I wanted to let everyone know that beginning on Wednesday, June 3rd in order to continue paying the bands, DJs, and dealing with the relentless weekly maintenance fees inevitable and required to keep this fragile little fledgling world alive and well - the WIERD Party will have a $5 cover charge. I feel inordinately proud of all the amazing bands and that have kindly graced us with their VResence the past 6-8 months and as you may have noticed more and more of late, a ton of groups have entirely rearranged their tours and made travel arrangements to come from countless far away places all over the US, Canada and overseas specifically to swirl around in the smoke and mirrors with us each week, and I simply can't continue to have them without properly taking care of them and thanking them for their efforts as any proper venue should. So if the WIERD World means something to you and you want to keep it going, please politely pay our as always lovely new door girl Ms. Kristen 'Shadowtime' Korvette a $5 donation, its less than a drink.. :)

OK THIS WEEK IN THE WIERD! I'm thrilled to welcome back the hedonistic, heat-seeking icy hot party train of Neo-Folk pleasures CULT OF YOUTH to the weekly party for a live performance at midnight! Everyone who saw them reap and pillage at WIERD late last year knows what we're in for, and rumors have it the sardonically swaggering M. Ragon has a few new killer occulturian trax to debut for the first time...so young boys and girls alike better button up for this one as the Cult is ready to sow your ripe fleshly fruits, morning after pills are on yr tab FYI: http://www.myspace.com/cultofyouthband

..Also as if that wasn't enough this week we welcome back her as always elegantly refined high-ness Ms. Jeralyn(aka Very Rarealyn) from Vintage Couture Boston to duel head to head vs. (soon to become Dr.) Death Domain from dark synth Baltimore as well as DJ Jeffo of the great new 'Skittles' Party in BKNY!!! http://www.myspace.com/skittlesparty

Pieter, Very Rarealyn vs. Death Domain, and Jeffo Spin the WIERD!
Wednesday May 20th, 10pm-4am
(Live Performance by Cult of Youth at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. @ Delancey, NYC