WIERD Presents the US Debut of AUTOMELODI!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

On behalf of WIERD Records NYC I would like to say I just received an email asking for my email...VR.

At long last the first single off the forthcoming debut LP from Blacklist 'Midnight of the Century' is now available for FREE dowload from Other Music NYC! Just follow the below link to listen to the frozen cold tornado of pleasure entitled 'Flight of the Demoiselles' b/w 'Daybreak!


Well perhaps one could realistically say it feels like the new dark age has officially arrived as jobs are lost, cd sales in the music industry hit an all time low in the 1st quarter of 2009 since their invention in the late 80s, and government has officially begun the takeover of our bodies as the New Jersey state legislature just proposed a statewide ban on all human genital waxing(my VReory being of course this is simply an obvious last desperate political effort of the right to keep the previous shrubbery-inspired administration in place and give 20-nothings yet another reason to move to the WIERD's beloved neighborhood Bushwack to reap away...yeah!).

ANYWAY as always the WIERD World once again this week will proudly be your lovely beacon of melancholically escapist optimism from this not-so-Very-rare sadness as we present the WIERD VRrench Invasion Part I beginning this Wednesday as we welcome our newest allies from frozen Cold Minimal Electronic Montreal AUTOMELODI for a live performance at midnight! I've gone on and on about their incredible new debut CD 'Fait Ses Courses' which this WIERD will be the official US release party for, but its definitely the record of the year thus far, a few nice reviews are slowly coming in since we received it last week, nonetheless seeing these trax perormed live as they are on the record with live drums, guitar and swaggering Italo-Canadienne synth as well should be quite an excellent event in our foggy little Quebequois-Wave world this week :) As if this wasn't WIERD Enough we're honored to welcome back the the amazing Belgian Cold Wave King Aime Chevalier from the rockin new 'Nuit Decadente' party in Antwerp, BE for his first Guest DJ set in over a year!

Automelodi 'Fait Ses Courses' reviews posted this week:
The Big Takeover:
Systems of Romance:

Just a reminder to everyone this Saturday night will be a WIERD Minimal Synth Summit showcase of sorts as we take over the Annex for a concert featuring Automelodi accompanying Xeno & Oaklander, Further Reductions, and Epee du Bois. Please note this will be an EARLY SHOW with doors at 7pm and Monsieur Epee will begin VRomptly at 8, so please be on time as all properly restrained young people should be. More info/address etc. is in show calendar below...

Also this coming Sunday April 12th yours VRuly will be making a return to the Very Rairwaves on Veronica Vasicka's Minimal Electronic Plus show on EastVillageradio dot com from 10-12am(NYC EST Time) to play a huge new menagerie of Frozen Coldies from NYC and abroad... This edition of the WIERD Records Radio Show will feature new unreleased or soon to be released trax by Blacklist, Xeno & Oaklander, Martial Canterel, Led er Est, Automelodi, Staccato du Mal, Frank(just Frank), Human Puppets, Further Reductions, N. Antolik, Death Domain and many more! In addition I'll be providing a spotlight on the energetic and quickly exploding new synth/wave scene in the South of France revolving around the brand new 'La Forme Lente' label in Brignoles, Provence: http://www.myspace.com/laformelente I'll be playing trax from the label's innaugural Compilation as well as demo trax by soon to come LFL label releases by Les Garçons Coiffeurs, Les Modules Etranges, Neptune, Underbahns, Neon Tie Club, La Comptesse Morte and many more...This great Collection of an LP is goin fast so send Gautier and Patrice an email asap and prepare for the chilling pleasures which only the swirling restraint of a slightly reverb-tinged French vox can VRovide. ALSO as an added bonus Veronica and I will be hosting the second annual MinimalWIERDWave Trivia Contest in which the winner will receive a FREE 1 hour tennis lesson with none other that his VRajesty MARTIAL CANTEREL at a Country Club of his choice!!!(dress code enforced of course, and this prize package includes a free ride to and from the club in MC's new 8 cylinder Jag) :) So please tune into the show via this link, you won't wanna miss the pleasures of improving your backhand neo-folk slice of Peche Morte : http://www.eastvillageradio.com/

Lastly the WIERD Flickr page has been updated with Yellow Tears and Religious to Damn pix(click on 'slide show' for optimum image resolution':

Pieter and Aime Chevalier Spin the Lost Antwerpienne winds of Quebec!
Wednesday April 8th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare live performance by Automelodi at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancey
info: (212)226-5708