WIERD Presents the US Debut of Frank(just Frank)!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Well I hope everyone has enjoyed the WIERD VRench Invasion week #1, last week's Automelodi performances were certainly memorable. This excellent edited video was just kindlysent over courtesy of Canadian Cinematographer Jimmy Patterson for the track 'Buanderie Jazz' live in the WIERD:

Two nice documents of Religious to Damn's recent performance at WIERD, as well as an interview with Zohra Atash are now online!:

Tamaryn's new video for 'Weather War' is now online directed by Mark Treise!:
Ms. T's Very Rare and mega-limited new 1 sided 'Weather War' 7"on the Italian label 'Hell Yes! Records' is now available for preorder:

The WIERD Records Radio Show on Minimal-Elektronik Plus, NYC Sunday April 12th is now archived for your listening pleasure...enjoy the Cold Sounds! Quite an excellent collection of brand new trax all carefully crafted in the past 6 months featuring a few interviews with your fave WIERD VaRtists:

(Just click on 'Listen to the most recent show here, WIERD World starts 15 minutes in after Veronica's inVRoduction)

1. Led er Est(NYC) - 'Port Isabel' (Unreleased, 2009)
2. Frank(just Frank)/Paris, FR - 'Mr. Itagaki' ('The Brutal Wave' Demo, 2008)
3. Human Puppets(Athens, Greece) - 'Nothing About You'(Unreleased 2008)
4. Interview with Josh Strawn of Blacklist
5. Blacklist(NYC) - 'Daybreak'(Digital Single WIERD Records VR006, 2009)
6. Further Reductions(NYC) - 'Flesh and Fantasy'(Unreleased, 2009)
7. Staccato du Mal(Miami) - 'Embedded Reflection' (Unreleased, 2008)
8. Automelodi(Montreal, FR) - 'Buanderie Jazz' ('Fait Ses Courses' EP, CNTR001, 2009)
9. Interview with Xavier Paradis of Automelodi
10. Automelodi - 'Schema Corporel'('Fait Ses Courses' EP, CNTR001, 2009)
11. Martial Canterel(NYC) - 'Shadows Alight' (Unreleased, 2009)
12. Interview with Sean McBride and Miss Liz Wendelbo of Martial Canterel and Xeno & Oaklander
13. Xeno & Oaklander(NYC) - 'Another' (Unreleased, 2009)
14. Xeno & Oaklander - 'Preuss' (Unreleased, 2009)
15. Death Domain(Baltimore, MD) -'Vampyroteuthis Infernalis' (Unreleased, 2009)
16. Interview with Nathan Antolik of N. Antolik
17. N. Antolik(NYC) - 'Miniscule' (Unreleased, 2009)
18. La Comptesse Morte(Nice, FR) - 'Confusion' (Unreleased, 2009)
19. Interview with Samuel Kklovenhoof and Owen of Led er Est
20. Led er Est - 'Scissors' (Unreleased, 2009)
21. Neptune(Nantes, FR) - 'Recklessness' (unreleased, 2009)
22. Garçons Coiffeurs(Nice, FR) - 'Garçons Coiffeurs' ('La Forme Lent 1' Compilation, LFL001 2009)
23. Garçons Coiffeurs - 'Image Abimée' (Unreleased, 2009)
24. Underbahns(Brignoles, FR) - 'In My Little House of Pain' (LFL I Comp, 2009)
25. Les Modules Étrangers(Nantes, FR) - 'End(Who are You to Tell Me if I Live or Die?)' (LFL 1 Comp., 2009)

This week WIERD Presents the VRench Invasion Part II as we're proud to welcome our good friends 'Frank(just Frank)' from Paris, FR in their US Debut for a live performance at Midnight! One of our absolute fave European Cold Guitar Wave bands of the Vague Froide Moderne moment, any fans of the likes of Asylum Party, Little Nemo, Norma Loy and the ever-secretive tradition of French minimal electronic music and all things sparkling and fragile in general are most certainly in for another lovely evening in our little shining room of the fog and the echoes, I highly encourage everyone to pay Christopher, Kirti, and Mathias a visit on their MySpace page where they have just uploaded a whole set of amazing new trax...hope to see everyone out Wed. night!

Lastly I just wanted to VRemind everyone the second WIERD Records Showcase featuring live performances by Blacklist, Frank(just Frank), and Led er Est is this Saturday night at The Annex, 152 Orchard St., NYC. This is an EARLY SHOW and will begin promptly at 8:15 pm!:

Pieter, Marc Samhain(Nacht und Sodom/Cologne, Germany) and Chris Cerrone(Nuit Decadente/Antwerp, Belgium) Spin the Cold WIERD World!
Wednesday, April 15th 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by Frank(just Frank) at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. at Delancey, NYC