WIERD Presents Yellow Tears Live Wed. 4/1 + VR Update!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On behalf of the WIERD World I'm inordinately happy to say at long last that this coming Friday April 3rd the first single entitled 'Flight of the Demoiselles' b/w 'Daybreak' from the forthcoming debut LP 'Midnight of the Century' from our beloved Blacklist will finally be released out into the world! For one week only the single's title track will be available as a free download exclusively from our ever-supportive friends at Other Music NYC, and will become available via Itunes, Rhapsody, and all your other fave media outlets out there in the frozen cold glowing black boxed world the following week beginning on Sat. April 11th :) Anyone who would like to subscribe to the Other Music weekly update to receive this amazing icy tornado of shimmering musical RĂ©sistance just send an email to info@OtherMusic.com with 'Subscribe' in the subject header.

The debut CD from the amazing band who will begin the WIERD French InVRasion next week Automelodi from Montreal is now available on the website, have a visit for more info and soundclips! I simply can't say enough about the subtle, sophisticated craftsmanship of this excellent debut release, you all know a few of these trax well as we've been spinning 'Schema Corporel' at the party the past 4 weeks. Xavier and Co. will be rolling into town next Wed. for their US debut at the party and will play a second show at the WIERD showcase next Sat. night Aprill 11th at the Annex along with Xeno & Oaklander, Further Reductions, and Epee du Bois! :

Naomi's photos from Religious to Damn's performance at WIERD last Wed. are now up on the WIERD Flickr page, Ms. Zohra tells me production on the debut single is coming together as we speak :

Also next Sunday April 12th yours VRuly will be taking over the Very Rairwaves over at Veronica Vasicka's Minimal Electronic Plus show on EastVillageradio.com from 10-12am to play a huge new menagerie of Frozen Coldies from here and abroad. This edition of the WIERD Records Radio Show will feature new unreleased or soon to be released trax by Blacklist, Xeno & Oaklander, Martial Canterel, Led er Est, Automelodi, Frank(just Frank), Human Puppets, Further Reductions, N.Antolik, Death Domain and many more! In addition I'll be providing a spotlight on the energetic and quickly exploding new synth/wave scene in the South of France revolving around the brand new 'La Forme Lente' label in Brignoles, Provence, France. Perhaps not since Monsieur Cezanne walked the earth have the clubs in Nantes, Nice, Marseilles, and of course a bit further North in the great Rennes region seen such creative activity! I'll be playing trax from the label's innaugural Compilation as well as demo trax by soon to come LFL label releases by Les Garçons Coiffeurs, Les Modules Etranges, Neptune, Underbahns, Neon Tie Club, La Comptesse Morte and many more. This great Collection of an LP is goin fast so send Gautier and Patrice an email asap and prepare for the chilling pleasures which only the swirling restraint of a slightly reverb-tinged French vox can VRovide....:) :

This week in honor of our fave anti-holy daze VRapril Fools WIERD proudly welcomes the handsome young, mannered gentlemen of YELLOW TEARS for their debut performance at the Party! As many of you well know Ryan, Jeremy and Frank's intense debut LP 'The Pissmop' on NYC's own Hospital Records dropped like a bomb last year, topping most everyone who's anyone list of best Experimental Electronic/Industrial Noise LPs of 2008. For all who's stomaches were pumped with boiling blood a few weeks ago whem Mistress M. of Pharmakon took the stage scaring a much needed dirty raw fuck into you all, this week the other monsters from the killer new Far Rockaway scene are gonna make you wanna rip that cold black blob outa yr rotting chest and slide it back up inside yrself...over and over forever...and this isn't any of that relentlessly tedious hippyster brainburnwave nonsense which generally amounts to ill-sophist attempts to 'dude lets get baked in our skinny jeans and make some dope jams on daddy's wierd black boxes from the 70s, who knows how those bunk things work yo waddup?...', its the real deal - dark, old-school industrial-informed, pulsing, emotionally spacial, slowly crafted and composed trax! Expect a few songs from the debut LP as well as Ryan tells me from the band's recently completed new LP tentatively entitled 'Don't Cry'. This is likely yr last chance to catch the ladds before they take the stage at The Music Hall of Williamburg with Sonic Youth on May 16th which has been sold out for months. Beware...and Prepare...for the cold fire of the Very Rare...

Pieter and Martial Canterel Spin the WIERD World
Wednesday, April 1st, 10pm-4am!
(Very Rare Live Performance by Yellow Tears at Midnight!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. @ Delancy, NYC