WIERD Presents the Return of Religious to Damn!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Well it seems from the shining flurry of emails we received about this week's performance many of you are quite excited as is yours Very Rarely...I admit though its all a bit mysterious in terms of what precisely to expect, for when I sent my weekly commuinque to check in with the artists, I awoke this morning to find this enigmatic little note in my pleasure-seeking in-box from the powers that be over at Afghani Wave BKNY Central :

Dearest Wierd Records,

Please accept this recently composed lyrical excerpt from Ms Atash, who tells us she is simply 'Charmed' by your invitation and sends her best :

There once was a young lady from Afghanistan
She was the hottest girl in the Taliban
She flew a plane
In God's name
And now she's hiding out in the caves of Pakistan
Preparing for the day
When her soul comes to feel...

Religious to Damn.

So there you have it kids thats all I know...this week WIERD proudly welcomes the return of Zohra Atash and Religious to Damn for her 3rd ever live performance at midnight! A week ago I was privy to hear a few of her recently completed unmixed trax from her forthcoming debut LP and my first thoughts were that the lovely swirling sounds contained therin would likely be the result of a multivalent musical lovechild resulting from a naughty little weekend's MILFtastic Ménage à Froide betwixt a young Rozz Williams or William Faircloth and the elegantly refined later Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks, with white scarves and bangles a flailing in the heat-seeking wind!(man wouldn't you love to see that go down...oooh!) And as thus accordingly as the WIERD has waxed on and on we've been naming RTD's trax along with those of our VReloved Ms Tamaryn and Co as the new 'Gypsy Wave'...so blow on in Wednesday evening and ride it all the way to shore!...VR

Also I wanted to mention that our in house VRideographer Mr Stephen Musgrave just sent over the new excellent live track from Swedish performance artist Tobias Bernstrup's show at WIERD a few months back doing the title track you all know well from his recently recently released 12" EP 'Midnight Blue' :

Pieter and Glenn Spin Cold Wave, Minimal Electronic music!
Wednesday March 25th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live performance by Religious to Damn at Midnight, and special Gypsy Wave happy hour 11:30pm-12am featuring trax by Tamaryn, Monsoon, Red Temple Spirits, Comus, Invisible Opera Co of Tibet, Nico, and many more :)))!
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St at Delancey