WIERD Presents the Return of XENO & OAKLANDER!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Well needless to say I think tomorrow night's live VRerformers are far from needing an introduction as we welcome back our beloved heroes and explorers in the deepest innermost regions of cerebral pataphysical space XENO & OAKLANDER for a Very Rare Live Performance at midnight! I also wanted to mention this event will officially be the WIERD Birthday Party celebration for both Mr. Canterel and Ms. Xeno as well as the loveliest of all WIERD lovelies little Ms. Very rErin Sharpe!, whos birthdaze are all within hours of each other...so don't shy away from bearing frozen cold minimal electronic gifts, as God knows we all owe them big time for all the countless hours of unconditional endorphin-shivering pleasure they've provided us all with all year long! :)))

Also I've mentioned it several times but for everyone down in Austin, TX this week for the epic SXSW sellabration, wanted to remind you to check out the killer Blacklist gigs as they play the SESAC showcase Wed and headline the Postpunk.com showcase Thursday in anticipation of their first new single off the forthcoming debut LP which drops from the WIERD World just weeks after they return! :

Wed March 18th 1:00pm @ Volume (Official SXSW / SESAC Showcase)
614 E 6th St., Austin, Texas>b
Thurs March 19th 11:00pm, Postpunk.com com Showcase @ Spiderhouse(with Romance, The Prids, Entertainment, The Public etc...)
2908 Fruth St., Austin, Texas

Pieter, Scott Mou(Other Music), and Jeralyn(yes the VR Queen is back!) Spin the WIERD World!
Wed March 18th 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by Xeno & Oaklander at Midnight!)
131 Chrystie St. @ Delancey