WIERD Invites you to a Lovely Evening Dans Le Theatre de L'Epee du Bois!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On behalf of WIERD Records NYC I would like to officially announce if I hear one more straight white blobular aspiring MFA-type goomba 'dude' who likely couldn't fuck his way out of a tissue paper condom harrassing our lovely young female patrons by trying to charm them with the age old, long-exhausted line of '...but honestly I really think I'm actually a Lesbian ha!...' - Yr WIERD 86'd for life...seriously yr out...(or perhaps better yet I'm gonna give our bouncer yr picture and every time you show up yr gonna be forced to wear a pair of those silver and purple swimming goggles the 'gothic people' keep without fail keep showing up in as if they just flopped out of the fukin dolphin tank at Sea World!)...needless to say that once blandly 'witty' line may have sounded pseudo-psychoanalytically 'clever' in the early days of the WIERD circa 2003 but come on boyth be a little creative here its 2009, theres gotta be a new post-ironic, self-inflicted 'neg'(as a certain infamous VH1esque sellebrity prophetically called IT VRecently) you can slobber out between yr contrivedly namechecking Snowy Red, Martin Margiela and Rosalind Krauss in the same sentence...As a certain sardonically-fierce, paisley clad mega-diva once said - 'that joke isn't funny anymore'...

Oh my...excuse my vulgarity ladies...yes now where were we???...oh right so this week yr little sassy 2 yr old sister Ms WIERD welcomes back our old VRiend and NYC's king of downtempo Cajun-Infused Minimal Electronics Epee du Bois for a live performance at Midnite! Rumors have it our fave Parisian theatre de musique froide on the endlessly entrertaining La Rue Mouffetard in the 5th Arrondissement has a few new heartwrenching gloomwave classiques to debut Wednesday, so come on down and cower in the frozen cold bunker with us all night long!..VR

Also lastly on behalf of the frigidly brutal forces of abstraction swirling around in the Very Rare heavens inside you all(or at least the subjectivity-negating black boxes that glow before you all as you sit there utterly alone on this frigidly blistering Tuesday afternoon) that M du Bois has given in to said forces and now has a MySpace page with a few new trax...so stop by and say 'hi', this young little southern belle could certainly use a few politely restrained rings! :))):


Pieter, Glenn, and Martial Canterel Spin Frozen Hot Bayou Electronics!!!
Wednesday February 4th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Live Performance by Epee du Bois at Midnight)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St @ Delancey, NYC