WIERD Presents a Live Performance by Tamaryn and Brandon at Midnite!

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

This week WIERD presents a Very Rare Live Performance by Tamaryn and Brandon(Secret Machines) live at Midnite! So slither on down to the WIERD to see if the lovely chanteuse Ms. Tamaryn can convince the old Gods of the psychedelic gypsy wave to keep the paisley sky frozen for just a few more daze before the sadness of spring rolls in...

Also joining us this week is a young man whose inestimably VR presence in the downtown NYC music scene for the entire last decade simply requires no introduction as we welcome Mr. Brandon23, whose excellent leisure time activities rumour has it currently include maintaining the Cold Guitar Refrigeration system over at Chez Blacklist WIERD Central...VR.

Pieter, Glenn, and Brandon23 Spin the Cold Waves as they slowly slip away...
Wednesday April 16th, 10pm-4am
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
(Very Rare Slovenian Wave Retrospective at Midnite!!!)
131 Chrystie @ Delancy, NYC