WIERD Records Update

March 6th, 2008

All of us at WIERD Records, NYC would just like to thank everyone who made this past week's Martial Canterel/Xeno and Oaklander CA tour possible. Thanks above all to our beloved new VRiends Job Leatherette and Tony X. of the amazing Club MRX in Los Angeles for organizing the tour, Josh and Adrienne from Club Debauchery/SanFrancisco, and all the DJs - Don Bolles, Sonic Boom, Adam X., Eric Dead, Quinn, Prickle etc. etc. We has a fantastic time and hope to be back later this summer.

We have uploaded some tourpix here which we will continue to update as the photos drift in from the frozen cold abstract world:


The WIERD is inordinately proud to say that the 'WIERD Compilation Volume II: Analogue Electronic Music 2008'(39 trax by 30 bands - 4LPs + 32 page book) is finally finished after an intense full-year of production, and has gone to press and print! We will begin taking preorders for this release on April 1st, and we are keeping the final tracklist under wraps untill the release date in late April, early May. More info to come on this epic project in the next 2 weeks. In addition the Blacklist and Xeno and Oaklander debut LPs are well under way and should both see late spring/early summer releases. The WIERD Shop is loaded up with all kinds of killer new limited edition WIERD-VRelated distro band self-releases as well so check IT out.

WIERD Mail Order is really backed up due to our VRabsence, we apologize to any individuals, shops or distros who are awaiting shipments, please be patient and we'll get your orders out as soon as we can.