WIERD Presents an Evening of Minimal Electronics from the Ruhr Valley!

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

The WIERD is very relieved to say we're takin a much needed break from live performances this week Wed. 2/13 in favor of a good oldschool WIERD danceparty! We'll be back to the live series in two weeks when on Wed.2/27 Xeno and Oaklander make their return to the WIERD before they depart for a week of west coast live shows in early March, and they'll be playing a never before heard new set of songs from the forthcoming new LP...

This week we welcome to guest Dj as well as bid farewell to longtime WIERD regular Mr. Ben Beshaw in preparation for his heat-seeking move to Very Rarizona...we'll all miss him and his VR minimal electronic enthusiasm...so come on out and dance in the cold WIERD haze all night long!, and yes I'll be playing a new set of killer trax from our old friends in the Ruhr Valley shining Bright in the Neon Welt Light!

Pieter, Glenn and Ben Beshaw spin minimal electronic music ( Second Decay/Vendome/A Squared et al. Retrospectives at Midnight!) Wednesday February 13th, 10pm-4am WIERD @ Home Sweet Home 131 Chrystie@Delancy, NYC Info:(212)226-5708