WIERD Presents the Led er Est Record Release Party and SSPS Live!

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008

This week the WIERD plays host to the record release party for Led er Est and S.S.P.S. as we welcome back guest DJs Samuel and Shawn, as well as a Very Rare Live performance by S.S.P.S(John Porkchop from Excepter) at midnite!!!

In addition the WIERD would like to thank everyone who came out for its new painting exhibition this past Sunday evening, as some of you may have noticed we were graced by the presence of hands down the most intimidatingly glamourous young woman taking downtown by storm Ms.Evelyn, who though she could never be so vulgar as to admit it has an amazing site where you can bow down and bask in the fire of her wildly charismatic fierce new dark synth 'looks':
http://www.thedailyevie.com/ ...VR.

Wednesday, January 23rd, 10pm-4am
Pieter, Samuel and Shawn spin Minimal Electronic Music
(Live Performance by S.S.P.S. at Midnite!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St.@Delancy, NYC