WIERD Presents a Live Performance by Mark Solotroff at Midnite!

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

This week WIERD welcomes the return of our oldest and rarest friend, a man who needs no introduction, hands down the king of American analogue industrial electronics since 1984 Mr. Mark Solotroff(Bloodyminded, A Vague Disquiet, Ex-Intrinsic Action) from Chicago for a solo performance at midnight! Remember to wear your heat-seeking leathers...and get ready for the frozen cold pleasure...

Pieter and Glenn spin minimal electronics, cold guitar wave
Wednesday January 16th, 10pm-4am
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
(Live all-vocal solo performance by Mark Solotroff at Midnight!!!)
131 Chrystie St.@Delancy, NYC