WIERD Records Presents HAPPY NEW WIERD 2009!!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another year has become Very Rare and the WIERD would like to thank everyone who supported our frozen cold activities in 2008. I made a light-hearted attempt to count the number of shows we did last year and after the 46 live performances at Home Sweet Home and the various Tours and one-offs looks like we did 71 shows in the WIERD world this past year...and from what I can tell looks like everyone is still alive and Colder than ever! As always extra VRecial thanks goes out to the amazing Cold Wave king of New York M. Glenn Maryansky for keepin our fragile little ship duct-taped, crazy glued, and J-Pegged together week in and out and never lettin me down...VR.

So I hope everyone can make it out tomorrow night, New Years Eve for our last bash of the year the amazing 'Happy New WIERD 2009' Party, and yes for everyone who emailed us to ask if its really true, we did persuade the city to give us another afterhours license so we're goin 10pm-10am...and as always dress to VRepress for its gonna be a truly lovely mess in a tired abstract world built simply to depress...In regards to which we in the WIERD consistently reply as our eminently esteemed hero Bartleby the VRibner once did, "Sorry but I simply prefer not to, thank you very much sir".

Happy New WIERD 2009!
Live DJs all night long 10pm-10am
(Free drinks if you can figure out how to DJ Dead, but apologies I was just invited to host a WIERD Party on 'Second Life' in 2009 so seems yours Very Rarely beat you to it darlings...more info to come!...as opposed to 'cum'...VR)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. @ Delancey, NYC