WIERD Presents a Live VRerformance by Led er Est at Midnite!...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This week WIERD welcomes back the spaceship from the inner reaches of the ever so far away-inside-yr-head planet Led er Est for a long-overdue live performance at midnite! Rumors have it that our VReloved WIERD brethren M Kklovehoof, S NoEQ, and their virulent young Synthicidal wild-child Owin are gonna debut a handful of new trax from their forthcoming debut epic LP...do you dare...to endure the Led er Est Stair??? One at a time...slowly...coldly...Rery Vare

Oh and the crazy old 'Television for Women-Loving' mom of the WIERD VRieter asked me to relay this absolutely Post-Everything story to you kids about last week's WIERD... Apparently our old Rarecrow who has never referred to itself as a DJ was spouting typically effusive and unnecessary enthusuiasms about a certain new vinyl VRelease to a lovely young savvyoire feyre working professional and offered him a copy after he looked up from texting his boyfriend 'at the showroom' and his reply was as the American Express to the final apocalypse would have it - Priceless:

'Oh please...I don't do objects, thankth anyway tho...'

hmm...i wonder what he does do?...alone in the big WIERD world inside his little plucked and primped body all life long?...VR...This truly is the end everyone, thankyou very much world :)

Pieter and Glenn Realize 'American Ex-Press' Literalizes the fact the Nation's wrinkles are Permanent and can be marketed as 'Designer' if they are left Iron(y)ed out!
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
Wednesday October 1st, 10pm-4am
(Live Performance by Led er Est at Midnite!)
131 Chrystie St @ Delancey, NYC