Your JavaCabana is Always Architecturally Feminine at WIERD...

August 15th, 2007

The WIERD was sitting by ITself gazing out the window into the frozen cold hole that is the world beyond, and the musical accompaniment for this activity was silence, only to be occasionally broken up by the 'occasional' cough which has been ITs 'internal roomate' for quite some time now, actually since IT quit putting little white sticks in ITs mouth a month ago. Before IT addresses the VR significance of the coughing dilemmatic daze IT has been negotiating for over 30 non-dazed days IT would like to explain the important notion of such sorts of roomates. You see we are all internal roomates of sorts inside architectural bodies, some bigger than others, some softer, some narrower, and some cleaner than others. But inside of us are OUR 'Internal' roomates, our lunch we ate an hour ago, our intestines, our dark synth neurotic livers etc. The difference between these roomates and us as 'second degree roomates' is when we leave the 'architectural' body we live IN, we do not change forms, in other words despite the fact there is electricity, gas and heat pumping through our architectures all around us, these life producing forces never cause us to change our external appearances when we go 'out' into thee VR world - our bodies still remain as 'bodies'. But inside OUR architectures our little fragile biological roomates do change - they come in as fruits and vegetables, and leave the house as mysterious gasses and liquids, flowing back into the bigger architectures and out into the world...IT supposes the fact we require OUR roomates to change their entire appearance before leaving the house each night (while being 'open-mouthed')makes us slightly closed-minded and control-freek oriented, really why can't we just respect our romates 'differences', really why should all milkshakes and corn on the cob be forced as they do on cable TV to get make-overs and come out looking homogenized and nearly identical?...

IT is in this archontextual scenario that the cough is Very Rare...You see the cough is basicly the children of our internal roomates because IT never came IN in the first place(i.e. IT came from the architectural body ITself) but rather was just born from nowhere inside the body. The cough is IT supposes the child of the stomach and esophagus, out of whose door IT flies into the dark synth ether beyond to die, dissappearing forever. Suppose in that way every cough is like a glamourous young childhood suicide, ITs parents create IT and IT rebels against ITs world the architectural body and jumps out the window to ITs death...and thus truly becomes Very Rare forever.

So WIERD is coughing and looking out the window, and in the process mourning the death of each of ITs roomates each time IT coughs...God ITs so sad, all these lovely beautiful yound dead children gone...such potential lost, bummer...Just then one of ITs 'external' roomates walks IN...'Hey dude you want some coffee?'...'Ughh really man ITs not a good time for you to do your typically right-wing schtick of personifying all earthly things, and especially MINE as 'men' - I mean as a good liberal-hating-liberal I resent the fact that you seem to have decided all my coughs are male, don't you know that just as many of them are female, yet you never offer those to me...I mean what makes you think you can even MAKE our little internal roomates remotely 'gendered' at all you fucking pig!?'...'Yeah yeah another funny WIERD lecture, whatever'...'No don't YES(and BTW 'yessing people off is VR) me off man, I'm serious I resent your insessant misogynistick personification of my internal roomates, you don't even know them!'...' Well I don't know them but every time you cough I see one, and as IT is impossible to see your own cough I can tell you that your coughs are without a doubt all MALE.'...'OK good point I realize one can nevere see one's own coughs, but ITs not because you can't see yourself ITs because they all kill themselves immediately - they're like the sad little thumbsucking goth kids of the architectural body.'...

The external roomate then grabbed the can of Bustelo and began scooping the male cough-he's out of the Bust-hello house into the cough-he death machine, one of the other architectural bodies that lives inside the same body we do over our heads. Again the liberal guilt was felt in IT, why is IT that everytime we want to kill the cough do we have to enjoy the objectification of the breasts - "(Wow a) Bust...Hello!, damn those are healthy!...OK I'm gonna go kill a few of my children, get these damn cough kids out of my house I quit smoking a month ago and my internal roomates keep havin babies and they then keep killing themselves, this sucks man...I gotta play some music to deal with this inherently coldwave-sadness-inducing scenario..."

The interesting thing was that IT then realized that the architectual house of the cough-he's - the Bust hello can - had EXACTLY the same diameter as the music-producing object known as the CD. The interesting thing is the Bust-hello can is basicly what you get when a CD expands upward 3-Dimensionally...The obviously vulgar realization here is that the little flat(or perhaps for the sake of VeryRareument we can call IT 'flacid') CD becomes erect - expanding vertically - to take the shape of a cone, in this case a Bust-Hello can...And obviously thus IT BECOMES erect precisely as a result of the 'Bust-Hello' experience - the little impotent CD says "Bust-Hello!" and then becomes IT as IT becomes totally turned on...But how is IT possible for a cd to see the Bust-Hello before IT exists, IT is impossible right because the CD creates, or actually in fact 'becomes' the Bust-Hello Iself???

This is a Very Rare question indeed, and there is only one answer - In ITs essesnce a 'Bust-Hello' is an utterance, IT is something you say, and in the same way as a cough IT leaves the architectral body and also dies forever. The difference between this and a cough, and the reason IT is less tragic, is because the deaths of all the (Bust-Hello, or any 'vocal' utterances actually) are that they don't HAVE to die but can be kept alive inside the inherently Modernist(only because they are flat and not pre-modern like the conic bust-hello etc.) CD...Yes the CD is the dark synth graveyard for all our "Bust-Hello" suicide attempts that fail.

And the sad truth of the matter, she-male examples of this utterance production aside, all Bust-Hello suicide attempts ARE in fact male...Bust-Goodbye...time to die...and be Very Rare the WIERD.

Pieter and Veronica Cough on each other and in so doing thus
mourn the deaths of all their long lost roomates...
Wednesday August 15th, 10pm-4am
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. @ Delancy, NYC
J train to Bowery, F to Delancy
Info: (212)226-5708