Meta-Paparazzi Never Play Extra Innings in the Museum of the WIERD...

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

For everyone who came out for last week's Very Rare evening of Dark Analogue Elektroniks Antwerpienne Style, this week the Cold Guitars get their revenge as WIERD welcomes Daniel from NYC's lofty Post-Wave sophisticates The Bellmer Dolls...Wander on in and danse in the cold with us...

The WIERD has been sitting in silence as something Very Rare seems to be happening in the world of 'Celebrity Culture' - and the oxymoron implicit in this banal phrase has been perhaps for ages a sign that this 'world' is on the verge of implosion, and the transparent 'veil' that holds IT all together is more (non-human)tissue paper thin than ever...In the past 10 days our city's beloved indicateur of the interests of the worlds lowest common denominator(i.e. thee sad contemporary world of 'capital') has featured images of 'celebrities' assaulting paparazzi on ITs cover. This could easily slide by ignored as a sign of the depravity and inherent bitterness of the ever-'powerful' paparazzi in general, but the WIERD would like to suggest its actually 'becoming' something quite ITself...

IT would seem logically that for these images of 'assault on the makers of images'(and this phrase is all too literal as the 'images' in this case aren't simply 'images' but rather the actual 'people' themselves - thee celebrities) have to have a THIRD PARTY present in order to 'take the image'(of the assault 'on the image'). In other words the ageold dialectic of subject(paparazzi - maker of images - i.e. 'celebrities) and object('celebrity' - one who exists solely AS and image) is now becoming a tripartite relationship. The third component now apparently ever present exists to 'make the image of the 'assault' - the image which embodies the fragile relationship between the images(celebrities), and their 'makers'(paparazzi).

For the sake of WIERDument we will call this new third component of the subject-object relationship thee 'Meta-Paparazzi' - i.e. the third person(as the WIERD has been told is often now invited along as 'back-UP' by the paparazzis) to make images of 'the relationship between the two'. The interesting thing is logically how the function of the traditional paparazzi now functions, and it would seem that this figure is now something akin to 'bait' for the entrapment of the celebrity into becoming an image of a 'criminal' assaulting another human - whether Hugh Grant with his can of refried beans, Nicole Richie with her Balenciaga bag etc. The question for thee WIERD is what is their 'crime'?, and it would seem the only answer would be that IT is the fact that they are 'guilty of existing as(only as) images', and for this IT is now time to pay...the dialectic is intensifying in fragility, and the Meta-Paparazzi is the new God making images of this weakening 'bond'.

The curious thing is that most people have never in fact 'met'-a-Paparazzi, why would you right? One would assume they are generally angry failed photographers with a chip on their shoulder for whatever reason with nothing better to do than follow sad transparent people around and take their images to assure they will remain transparent and thereby continuing to 'exist in the world of images'(as criminals)...The perplexing thing that in fact follows is that all things historically 'Meta'(religion/spirituality, love, power, 'meaning in life or texts' etc.) one could in fact never 'meet' as they are forever 'transcendent abstractions'. In fact this past week the WIERD witnessed the closest thing to seeing someone experiencing a physical embodiment of the 'Meta' when one Italian tourist pointed to the Met(museum) and said to the other "look dee 'MET'-Ahhhh...' . Perhaps the WIERD considered it is so hard to experience the Met-ahh as physically embodied because it is itself a verb - that ever sexiest part of Coldwave speech precisely because IT always suggests 'action', and 'movement' by extension, so IT can never be strapped down, lubed up, and 'experienced in ITself', but only fly by as text in books/newspapers etc. - Metaphysics, Metapolitics, Metallica...but never 'met a Meta'...

As nothing is impossible in the Coldwave world this presented a problem for the WIERD, and IT would not give UP(ironically 'supposedly where all things Met-ahhh are spatio-temporally located with the big sexxxy bitch on high), made all the more Very Rare as the WIERD pondered IT sitting in Coldwave darkness registering on-line to become a 'committed quitter'(true VR mess...more on IT next week)....Then suddenly hope came as it so often does from the flickering box of Meta-pleasure as the TV news informed the WIERD that a sad little woman was suing thee Met(s) because a 300 lb. drunk man had fallen on her and broken her neck...The WIERD then flashed back to the Italian tourists looking at the museum and then pictured IT suddenly colapsing on top of their heads...What would they and the little woman say? She's walking up the aisle to take her seat to say the usual day's Ahhh!s of enthusiasm at her favorite Met players and as she turns the giant museum of a man on the verge of dark synth puking in his 'Mets' shirt is falling on top of her...She sees the monstrous 'Met' and instictively screams AWWW!...and the WIERD finally rests assured, the 'Meta' can in fact be, and be experienced as 'embodied'...which means maybe there's hope for 'finding' all those Coldwave 'met-awws' on high after the world of image-making collapses...and thus as the moto of the 1969 Mets appropriately suggested - 'You gotta believe'...IT is Very Rare...and WIERD.

Pieter, Glenn, and Daniel (Bellmer Dolls) Spin Cold Guitar Wave
Wednesday, May 9th 10pm-4am
(Happy Hour and Plurex records retrospective Midnight-1am!!!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. @ Delancey
J train to Bowery, F to Delancey