Even the WIERD knows why Scientists Search for Gravity in the Cold...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sorry but this whole Gravity-loss thing in Canada is just too good and as always confirms all the WIERD's previous Very Rare theories about both thee state of the abstract world and the sadness of the 'country' to our North, give IT some time, the WIERD will bring it next week IT promises...

Okay kids, no nonsense tonite as the old Southside WIERD reenacts ITself with just the two of us spinnin all yr fave die-hard cold masterpieces, and yes the rumors are supposedly true we're getting a whole new soundsystem in the next few weeks so hang in there, very soon the cold guitars and wet synths will sparkle and drip the icy pleasures you all crave...see you in the WIERD, Very Rare...

Pieter and Glenn Spin Coldwave, Minimal Elektronik, Classic L.A. Deathrock!!!
Wednesday, May 23rd, 10pm-4am
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. @ Delancey
J train to Bowery, F to Delancey