WWIERD Presents a Dreadful Evening of Brutally Bleak Gloom Wave...

December 26th, 2007

This evening WIERD welcomes the young man behind the icy sparkling razor blade guitars of our beloved Blacklist Mr. James Minor to spin with us...poor guy...little does he know how bleak it will be...please send his reverb-highness your condolences...god knows he desrves better.

Tonite WIERD will be Very Rare...This in ITself is not Very Rare. The reason it will be Very Rare is hopefully if all goes as planned noone will show up. This most certainly of late will be Very Rare. SO, in honor of the pleasures of noone showing up WIERD will present a long overdue, horribly tiring and far beyond depressing evening of the history of the sadly long forgotten masterpieces of the Gloom Wave as we once used spin for you each week... the likes of Martin O'Cuthbert, Arte Moderno, Trop Tard, early Borghesia, Gestalt, Sombre Septembre, Swans, Silent Signals, Atlantik Schwimmer, Autumn Cathedral, ADN Ckrystal, Bal Pare, early Sisters, Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet, Red Temple Spirits, Complot Bronswick etc. etc...So all you kids who keep emailin us that we 'never play the slow stuff like we used to' can take yr meds and go back to bed and rest assured...this truly is the end...and I promise I won't run out of fog juice this week, kill me if it happens again, simply unforgiveable...ughh.

Pieter and James Spin the Gloom Wave for Absolutely No One.
Wednesday, December 26th, 10pm-4am
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
(Free drinks for everyone who doesnt show up...please stay home its not worth it. VR)
131 Chrystie St. @ Delancy, NYC