WIERD Presents a live Performance by Epee du Bois at Midnight!

November 14th, 2007

This week Wed. November 14th WIERD Presents a Live Performance by Epee du Bois at Midnight! Anyone in the WIERD world know EdB appearances are far beyond Very Rare, needless to say this evening '...the camera moves so slow...', whether the shutter trips or not is yet to be seen. In addition tonite WIERD plays host to the afterafterparty for his highness Parisian philosopher Alain Badious's lecture on his new book 'Badiou on Badiou' at our fave Franco-Cuban gallerist Miguel Abreu's gallery on the LES from 7-9pm. No word as to whether the masterful author of 'Being and Event' will grace us with his being and presence but regardless we're quite certain M.Abreu himself will be more than pleased to provide an eminently rigorous Zizekian or Deleuzian critique of Badious's oeuvre in his dark synth absense...

Some of your ITs may have noticed the WIERD struggles to restrain from ITs generally to-be-expected effusive eruptions of post-everything uncalled-for hysteria in the cold abstract world 'out there' in weekly emails in respect to the bands whose WIERDLive events IT is announcing in ITs e-male body(once again shemail would be the only appropriate format for this for obvious reasons but you already know what IT has said about this fact), but something must be said in introduction to the sheer radicality of an Epee du Bois performance tonite. You see as a few of you know, or actually I think 3 of you to be VR exact, the Epee du Bois is a Very Rare historical landmark theatre in Paris: http://www.epeedebois.com/ . Inside of this theatre, as is the case in every theatre, events occur on a stage, or more simply put, as in the case of any visual art experience, one object, the 'performer' or what we may call the 'figure' is placed upon another, the 'stage' or what may be called the 'ground'. So as reduced to ITs simplest terms, any object in the world which exists in time and space may technically 'perform', strictly by the fact that IT is an object named something other than the stage, or the theatre ITself.

IT is with this slightly WIERD fact in mind that there is only 1 object in the world which logically could never perform at the Epee du Bois - and that is the Epee du Bois ITself...Very Rare indeed...In other words, apart from the discursive impossibilities inherent within language - there is simply no way to put the theatre INSIDE the theatre because of the fact the theatre is already there.. IT IS...The Epee du Bois sits in dark synth silence preparing for ITs performance within ITself - 'Cogito Ergo, cogito sum Le Théâtre de l'Epée de Bois...hmm...VR..how the fuck am I ever going to do this tonite?' IT is simply impossible for me to perform because I am the theatre that everyone is inside already watching the stage that is only a small part, or frankly just a piece of furniture within the much bigger architectural space...which 'I AM'...no wonder I am itching and twiching all the time, theres lots of little people running around inside me screaming for Cheyney to play his Zwischenfall dancefloor gloomwave masterpiece ' tracking Shot', ughh

get these people out of here...and the Very Rare vomitorious, and thereby glorious eruptions follow. So lovely ladies and VeryRareumen, tonite we are faced with a, dare I say, ontological conundrum. The WIERD has invited the theatre to play in the theatre, and because of the fact it seems unlikely this tautology will ever possibbly resolve ITself, the WIERD sits here confused and saddened as to exactly what will occur this evening at yet another undeniably excellent event. The only hope the WIERD has for seeing the theatre perform in and for ITself tonite is to perhaps see this as possibly, and thereby hopefully, as is very often the WIERD case - simply an allegory...In other words 'the self performing for ITself'(and thus 'in itself' - perhaps in the Kantian sense for the sake of veryrareument here) literally IS an allegorical model for self-consciusness, for a 'human' it could be argued is a 'self' contained inside a 'body', and every time we walk out into the cold wave world as the analytically minded sad skeptic often does we worry - and the 'self' on the 'stage' begins to unfold as the smoke and liights flicker in the cold... the Epee 'self' takes ITs 'Stage'... : 'what should I do, where should I go, how much space echo and reverb should I put on the KR55 drummachine so it doesnt sound like yet another Snowy Red outake...oh that would be so horrible if Martial thought that, fuck...How am I going to pull this off?...Who should i talk to?...Should I stay up late to go to WIERD and see Epee du Bois tonite?...that would be very rare of me to do...because I am Epee du Bois...I can never see myself...oh no...oh shit......I guess I AM already...Very Rare...WIERD...oh no...'

Pieter, Glenn, and Jeralyn(from BKNY's new 'The Halls of Medicine' party)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
Wed. November 14th, 10pm-4am
(Live Performance by Epee du Bois at Midnight!)
131 Chrystie St. @ Delancy, NYC