You Can't See Your Ears or Hear Your 'I's in the WIERD...Tonite

October 24th, 2007

Thanks so very rarely much to everyone who came out last night for WIERD-Chondritic Sound evening of Analogue electronics, there's plenty more cold pleasures on the way...and anyone who shows up barefoot at WIERD and stays such all night will receive all WIERD-related releases free for the rest of their pre-existing toenails lives...

So the WIERD is often inclined to begin ITs apocryphial cold hysterical utterances with the 'propositional' phrase: '...some of you may have noticed 'x' is happening in the abstract world outside...', and in so doing time after time IT has become intriqued by a potentially displacement that might possibly occur each time such utterance is said simply by substituting 'I' for the pronoun 'you'...In other words(literally...this being perhaps the most tautological 'phrase ever...VR) to say: 'Some of I have noiced that...' The potentially WIERD jouissance-friendly 'eruption' this pronoun-substitution creates is to acknowledge(literally) the split nature of your speaking self. For example if you said, 'Some of I' has noticed its so annoying that you hear the words 'global warming' every 3 minutes by every ipod-armed babbling liberal stumbling by you on the street, yet at the same time 'Some of I' enjoys the idea of the planet sinking and finally annihilating its sad self simply because 'Some of I' has secretly always wanted to grow sexy little vaginalia-evoking gills on my face and become a lovely fish and swim away into the very rare grey sky...ahhh...and soon IT wil be the time:) On face value all that needs occur for this 'split-subject-evockation' to occur is simply a switching of vowels - replace all you 'u's' with 'I's', and we say in essence 'See man, I got no fukin clue who I really am I'm a totally huge WIERD mess just like you, excellent, pass thee Hornitos pappie!!! ( lets go listen to listen to all the amazing new Russian minimal electronics cassettes we got and session the cold night away, yessss...)

So as certain not-so-very-rare early 90s performance artists have demonstrated, one response to the duct taped-together messes of 'contemporary peoples' is to hysterically rush to clog and fill up all orifices with objects as quickly and rigorously as possible - ass, pussy, eyes, you name IT(yeah right) - stick something in IT quick or whatever subjectivity I have left is gonna ooze out my ears and into the glowing little box o death in front of me. The thing is as some of I may have noticed lately(the other part doenst trust my 'I's because the previous sentence is impossible) there seems to be a new 'contemporary' phenomenon of people walking around in public wearing the most glaringly obvious neon orange earplugs for apparently no obvious reason...what the fuck is this all about? IT seemed in the past ear plugs, which are now marketed under the Very Rare name 'ear buds'(huge...), were used to keep sound OUT, and in so doing, keep what is inside protected and healthily unharmed. Now however there isn't necessarly any sound to protect or 'escape from' but rather the earplugs in effect provide the escape ITself, by desperately in effect trying to keep thee 'I' in, and this is an escape unlike any other historically. Generally one 'ecapes' the self by doing whatever IT takes to leave the self - you go on vacation, bungee jump, go to jail, take 100 hits of blotter acid, jump off a bridge etc...lovely, nice and simple you go somewhere ELSE into the etherworld and at least for a while have the luxury of forgetting the cold WIERD world.

There is this very prevalent new mutt-ho that states 'The ultimate Zen is an empty Inbox', supposedly suggesting the pleasures of a certain moment of calm in which you can sit and be with 'I-self'. The problem with this is to consider IT in relation to the new phenomena of say people sitting at Starbucks alone and wearing earplugs, and the other day IT asked one of these fleshly utterance-emitting blobs why IT was wear the little orifice-sessioners and IT said - 'oh, you know sometimes I just need an escape'...Likewise the 'person' with the empty Inbox smiles, leaves HER desk and goes to the intenet to look at the Bahamas and sits quietly sessioning her laptop(without the use of her hand...VR) alone on the beach she never looks at as she emails and sends text messages to herself in the coldwave darkness of the tropical 19inch sun. Both instances are a huge relief, and in being such - an 'escape'. The thing is where exactly does the empty-inbox/earplug-wearing blob 'escape' to?

The answer to this Very-Rarity is the fact that Earplugs(without cause) are officially the abstraction of escapism, and in so being, officially also acknowledge that theres nowhere left to go, because when we don't know who 'I' is, we can' no longer duct take all ITs floppy dark synth body parts together to get in the car and drive away into the world. IT is the ultimate state of lonliness, yet IT doesn't know IT, though IT still shaves and waxes Its little PC all night long hopefully dreaming of a session IT will never have, noone ever slips and slides its little orange bubble-gumular member in and out of the auditorial INbox anymore...noone touches her, she sits alone in the cold...and feels very the WIERD...

Pieter and Glenn Spin the essentially 'Abstract' Notion of all ('Vowel-Substitutional')Expressionism Wednesday October 24th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare transparent Illusion Retrospective(and as IT has said before - how the fuck can an 'Illusion' be 'transparent'???) at midnight!!!)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. @ Delancy, NYC