Outdoor Network Television is the End of Architectural History at WIERD

October 10th, 2007

Upcoming Very Rare WIERD-Related Events:

Tonite Oct. 9th 10pm:
Opus Finis and Psychic TV live at Studio A, Miami

This Thursday, Oct. 11th, 11pm:
Blacklist w/ Autodrone live at Club NME, the Annex NYC

This week Oct. 7th-Oct 12th
Mark Solotroff(A Vague Disquiet, Bloodyminded) live US solo tour with Envenomist(OH)

Next Wed. 10/17 Very Rare surprise live performance at WIERD!(TBA VVR!)

Tues Oct 23rd 10pm:
Chondritic Sound, MI and WIERD Records NYC Present an evening of Cold Analogue Electronics - live performances by Hive Mind(MI), Cadaver in Drag(KY), Martial Canterel(NYC), Workbench(Mike Berstein solo from Religious Knives/NYC), DJ Pieter live at The West Nile, 285 Kent Ave., BKNY, more info next week!

Wednesday Nov. 7th:
WIERD Presents a Live Performance by Sleep Museum at Midnight! - Home Sweet Home 131 Chrystie St.

Wednesday Nov. 21st: WIERD 4 Year Anniversay Party at HSHome/NYC!!! - bands and DJs TBA

In slightly more Very Rare news the WIERD has been sittin in silence contemplating the 'cultural' significance of too many abstractuo-significancies to name, and perhaps the next few weeks' spoutings of hysterical WIERDuments shall be an attempt to cum to terms with IT all - the vulgar (pro)VERBial SICcage here being the key - first of all because parts of speech can never 'go pro' from their inherently 'amateurish'/discursive status and secondly as the WIERD has suggested over and over, the IT can never produce climaxxx but only coldwave sadness - which hopefully in the WIERD scheme of IT all such forces can be stored up as restraint and return to revive the world with amazing dark synth pulsing analogue inspiration...we're still working on IT, we always will be...

A particular 'interest' the WIERD has developed is in the new mysterious appearance of rather unassuming anonymously placed large flatscreen televisions throughout downtown NYC simply broadcasting network Television to the world OUTSIDE. On forst glance this can go quite unnoticed - 'Oh wow Lindsay got drunk again, Snapple has a new ad campaign based on delf-deprication, huh?:)))', but as always IT becomes Very Rare upon WIERD consideration...

To anal-eyes(VR...no time for this here...leave IT to the Bathroom IN the Chelsea BBQ) this new complexity, perhaps both a logical and then 'kill-me-now liberal' viewpoint must be considered - OK normal network television is a either a Mirror or a window(depending on your particular degree of libero-pathological brainwashing vs. ability to actually enjoy pleasure proportionality. Either way the screen generally exists to show an 'outside' to where you are when watching IT - 'IT' again being the key here as we will (not) see as moving this particular interior appliance to THE outside(literally) creates all sorts of complications as to the actual contemporary status of the location of where(or IF...VR) an outside exists at all, and further - what does IT mean if the outside is 'gone', and the Frankfurter schoolers get their seething ketchup packets ready to spew as the coldwave bassline kicks in(!)...

OK so IT seems safe to say you watch vulgar American TV either at home, in a bar etc. 'Here is what is happening OUT in the world', take the out INto that world and what are we to think - What happens when you take the 'out' OUT??? In other word in the WIERD history of abstractification of everything, is IT possible to 'Out' the OUT ITself? And further if you take the 'out' OUT, where is the IN, and does IT continue to exist at all, fuck man who knows...sounds like one of those stonery old Tim Leary Samples in an PTV acid house song :) ... Suffice IT to say if taking the 'out' OUT results in a changed status of the IN, we have to reconsider. (and the WIERD's first VR response to seeing the first TV on 8th Ave/23rd St. was coINcidentally to think 'hmm, INteresting',...perhaps this is a tautology thus(?) )...'If this TV here shows whats happening IN the world but I'm standing IN that world but I'm not INside the little box, what world AM I in? Obviously a surface/safe answer would be to say you ARE in IT, and because of the non-existant status of 'the IT', you can be IN IT and not actually be in the TV even if the TV shows whats happening where you are. the apocalyptic answer though is that now the status of the IT has made IT such that the OUTside no longer exists and as a result, the phrase '...whats going on IN the world' must then refer only necessarily to the world IN YOU, an IN into which you look from the outside...'who am I IN there I wonder?...Aw fuck it I'll deal with that later, change the channel I wanna see who Brett Michaels sessions on Rock of Love this week!, we can deal with 'the new external INside world next week'...!

Up to this point this could definitely sound a bit 'lefty', which is why the WIERD is dozing off as IT types IT as usual - 'yeah whatever the world's fucked so what...' And in fact the appropriate WIERD response to this further apocalyptic marching on of the IT is rather as always to simply enjoy IT, and how is such a pleasure-seeking activity to occur? The answer was it this particular case to forget the fact that the television had been taken OUTside ITs usual 'architectural' setting(IN your living room, IN the corner of the bar etc.) and behave accordingly like the extrenal setting you discover the TV is as your TV is normally located. I other words the TV on 23rd and 8th is directly to the left of the 'restaurant' called BBQ and directly across from the screen is a news stand simply called 'newstand'. In the WIERD's case the TV is directly to the left of the bathroom door and across from IT is the Very Rare Hassidicly-installed cold wave kitchen oven, revved up hot as ever and always ready for action.

So how does IT proceed through such a recontextualization of everything here...Ok IT approaches the TV with ITs current significant 'other' of the moment(important to have on hand we will see)...hmm..'INteresting...I'm going INto this world...' Then IT proceeds to walk INto BBQ which IS the new VR bathroom. Once inside the BBQ bathroom IT remembers to do what IT sees - to put ITs meat on the gril and enjoy the pleasure...This is the crucial moment at which IT is confused and IT turns to ITs boy or girlfriend for advice 'Baby we're in the bathroom and I need to put my meet on the gril, how'm I going to do this, help me out here I'm tryin to fight the forces of nihilism we gotta make somethin out of this?'...'Well honey(she says CRUCIALLY in this case after a few drinks when the rolling 'r's' of her words allow her 'I' to 'relocate' causing the 'gril' to come OUT as 'girl'...VR) remember at home INside behind me is the newstand when I watch TV, so maybe we should do what IT says and remain standing in this NEW way of BBQing - just do what IT says and take your meat out and put IT IN the girl who would love to band over for you?'...'Wow Ok what a nice alternative to slitting my wrists because the OUTside is gone forever...lock the door baby...ahhh that feels lovely...mmm...lets get OUT of here now I'm hungry!'...

Baby you don't understand, we no longer CAN get OUT...'...'But I just came IN, and I then I took IT out?!'... 'Baby you'll never learn, the WIERD has taught you but you just don't listen...you can never take IT out, I'm sorry baby...'...'Well can I put IT in again then?'... 'No baby you can't put IT IN either because IT just came IN, you'll obviously need some time yr not 18 anymore...sorry baby'... 'Oh right, hmm, Very Rare, so where are we now...hmm'....WIERD.

Pieter and Martial Canterel 'act OUT' on the smokeless non-existant girl...
Wednesday October 10th, 10pm-4am
(Very Rare Leitmotiv Retrospective courtesy of Brouillard Definitif, Metz, FR)
WIERD @ Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St. @ Delancy
Info: (212)226-5708