The Hairlipped Masses only take Boeing 737s to Iowa at WIERD....

Tuesday, August 14th, 2006

Yes the WIERD has literally been very rare lately as we were gone last week, begging the question was it Wierd not to be WIERD, apparently the rumors have it Martial Canterel was spotted Tuesady night taking yet another smoking break from his very intense table tennis  training alone in darkness but its true we barely survived the bloodyminded terrors of the midwest and are back tonite with plenty of frozen uncomfortable entertainment for coldwave girls as always.  First off after 100s of exausting hours of formatting, storing and very raring the night away Robert Anthony and Erin Sharpe have finished our website complete with the entire history of WIERD invites and gig posters:

   Also it seems the WIERD has been infecting now you can waste not-so-very-rare time at work enjoying the pleasures of the killer new Blacklist video: , Martial Canterel live at Bebaser, Stockholm, Sweden:, and finally Xeno and Oaklander accompanied by the uber rare accompaniment of Sleep Museum, Epee du Bois and Waterman performing 'Non-Senti' live at WIERDLive#1 in NYC!

So Im flying over hotwave Iowa(which I hate to say as its nagging moniker 'I-OWE-WAHH!' literalizes my thoughts of the impending debts I'm settling into raring) and I realized like airplane toilets in having no 'lid' are yet another dark synth embodiment of androgyny.  this of course begins to become interesting when you consider the other obvoius place the 'lid' has been 'taken out' is 'Outhouses', which is quite excellent because the name is already suggestive of the notion that something is being taken 'Out', and thus the lovely thing thus is that the (sh)IT leaving us through the lidless pillars of androgyny suggests clearly demarcated gender is the IT...very rare...Funny thing though is, is the 'outhouse' still an outhouse if its IN a plane flying OVER houses?  Seems better the bathroom be referred to as an 'Inhouse-Outhouse' which is nice for the reason 'the old in-out' so suggested by that very rare activity known as 'thee mile high club' is roomoured to occasionally go on in this very rare 'Jiffy-John' the company which amazingly enough provides the lidless molded plastic seats for not only many outhouses but also all Boeing 747's and 737's, quite excellent as my response is generally, 'Bo-ring' (speaking in my best retarded teenage girl with a h-air lip lisp) to any bland coldwave girls-gone-wild type telling me of their MHclub In-Out fest.
   So Im sitting as always ON the Aisle seat, nice as always its the only place you can 'eye all', making it all the more semiologically comforting to sit in such place, and I turn to my left and there's a slightly attractive overweight older Italian woman sleeping near the window with the hairiest upper lip I've ever seen, and as she's before the wax n pluck generation she's tried to solve the dilemma by bleacking the hair which I always find slightly kinky as in the same way as in the ill-kept facial hair on impotent hipster boys does allegoizes the vagina on the face.  I never could have predicted what would come next, and I turn to the right and the steward says 'welcome to ATA sir, do you need anything?', and swear to fukin coldwave god the dude has a REAL hair lip!!!  So amazingly enough I feel the coldwave pleasures heating up inside as I realize Im literally 'between' two ACTUAL' hair lips!, whats hotter than that, very rare deluxe...problem was one was a 'hair lip' and the other a 'hair-Y' lip, so only way i figured I could really be rare and the huge phallus of the plane could be subversively be 'feminized' as I slide between its hot little 'hairy lips' is I had to get rid of this 'Y' on the Italian woman's mouth...hmmm...
   The solution to this problem I figured lay in the excellent fact that 'Y' in Spanish conveniently is pronounced 'E', which coming from the hairlipped steward would likely be pronounced 'He' as a slight 'Hhhh' sound would likely emerge from the coldwave echoes of the voice deflecting off the nostrils, and this 'He' would literally suggest 'Me' being the male sandwiched between the two hair-'Y' female lips of the plane up in thee 'I-owe-ahhh' air flying at blazing powerelectronics speed inside this huge coldsteel woman's loins over the history of gender exciting...and I had my plan set, so nervously I turned to reply to the 'non hair-y' steward steward politely and put my finger to my wet lips drooling with IN/OUThouse pleasures and said(pointing to the hair-Y Italian wo-man) 'SHHHHH!  He is asleep man!'...'Sir I believe s-HE is a wo-man'...Thank God it worked, so I echoed back, 'Whoa man is right dude, and I am thee HE!'...(and suggesting I was going to hold my breath by clenching my nose) I said, '...and I'm going to do the old IN/OUT, and I politely stood up and slid IN to the Outhouse...very rare, and ever so erotically WIERD...

Pieter and Martial Canterel spin I-OWE-AH dark synth for hair-y lipped boys
Tuesday, August 14th, 11pm-4am
WIERD @ Southside Lounge
(happy hour and yes we're spinnin the WIERD comp.on test pressing vinyl for the first time tonite!!! midnight-1am)
41 Broadway(Wythe/Kent), Wmsbrg, BKNY
J train to marcy, L to Bedfd

Photo of Mark Solotroff of Bloodyminded courtesy of the amazing stroboscopic master Ben Syverson from Chicago, see more of Ben's killer Bloodyminded pleasures here:, and here: