The Silence Will Not be Broken at WIERD!!!

Tuesday May 23rd, 2006

A friend of mine's Mom saw her artshow a few weeks ago and called the other day to say, 'Oh honey your father and I loved your new paintings so much we've decided to see 'The Da Vinci Code' '!...complicated, and needless to say as always, very rare...So OK, another film affirming that the ultimate fetish of western Culture is 'debunking' belief as always with the purpose that if religion breaks down(ie Jesus is a drunk slut,let she-male queen Mary magdalen have his way with him etc.) capitalism and thus abstraction come in to have free reign and rape and pillage with pleasure.  So Tom Hanks and his little Eurobimbo sidekick Tatoo(swear every time I see her face all I can think is 'de plane!, de plane!') 'save' Catholicism and 'prevent' the floodgates of abstraction (and thus always then)hedonism from opening...Interesting thing is I think that the idea of 'celebrities' 'representing' this 'prevention'  literally allegorizes exactly what they already do in culture, in other words in the process of 'successfully saving belief'(assuming the film is 'popular') Hanks and Tatoo become substitute 'objects(or 'Gods' of) of worship/belief' themselves, so actually think if you read Tom and Tatoo as 'themselves'(and not 'Langdon' and 'Herveu') the film is in fact a contemporary allegorical tale of belief systems...fathinatiningly WIERD...
   Right so with Da Vinci Yo! in da house in mind the WIERD weekly staff meeting decided be very 'contemporary' and 'pick up take out' at our fave Italian place in thee Bushwack kingdom.  And as always the WIERD went down big time.  This never happened to me before but we walk in to the tiny place and apparently the chef's dog was hit by a car so all the 'take out' was backed up, and there's 12 people all sitting at tables waiting to 'take-out' their food.  hard to explain why it felt so WIERD but basicly it 'looked' like a totally normal restaurant setting, but in fact noone knew each other(i.e. was 'really there', eating 'out' -should have asked them why they were all so opposed to cunnilingus, hmm?) but only waiting to leave with their T.O., and because of this it was deathly quiet and uncomfortable, thus Inspired by Tom and Tatoo thee WIERD decided to 'Break thee Silence' ...'hey man WIERD in here right, so quiet and so much red and green'...'yeah no shit, like Xmas if everyone died the night before, ha!?'...'Yeah you know always thought it was interesting that Italian food in almost all brownish in color as its the combination of the colors of their flag'...'oh never thought of that, hmmm, you know my uncle's color blind so he can't see red or green and they show up brown'..'He get in a lot of traffic accidents i imagine eh?  Yeah they say25-35% of people are colorblind, always wonder if that makes nationalism(and for that matter Xmas spirit) higher in countries with no red and green, like Sweden for example, everyone can see blue and yellow, right?'... 'You know I heard Michael Jackson has extreme color blindness and he sees only in black and white, WIERD'...'Wow amazing as his whole life has been about 'taking thee brown out' of himself, yet guess he still must still see the whole world as 'brown'...'Yeah, also WIERD as right when he began bleaching his skin he began hangin out with all those 'brown midgets' like Emmanuel and Gary Coleman, almost he took the brown out but had to keep it in a little figurative sculpture he could carry around and 'play with' ' ...gary's the dude who started the 'grill' company right, I got a 'Coleman' at home, no that's 'Foreman' dude, he's way bigger that Gary but his grills are tiny, put em in yr pocket like Michael does to Gary, WIERD'...'Hey speaking of brown midgets did you see Tatoo has a new film out, its really good, he goes to the Louvre and finds out Jesus was a promiscuous pleasure-seeker and at thee end he looks at a Da Vinci and says 'de Grail! de Grail'...'Wow sounds great, thats the one based on the book by 'Dan BROWN' right, wonder if he's Swedish?, who plays 'Mr. Roark?'(who by the way I'm quite sure was named after the 'Fountainhead' character, which is supposedly why the opening sequence of P.Island always has a Hawaian 'fountain' in it')...'Oh Tom Hanks I think, not nearly as sexy as Ricardo Montalban though'...'Yeah but he's SO FAMOUS!!!, amazing'...'Yeah, he's like a God right?'...'Totally, pretty.....WIERD'...

Pieter and Miss Liz spin thee Coleman waves for hot nights with Four-men!!!
Tuesday, may 23rd, 11pm - 4am
WIERD @ Southside Lounge
(happy hour and free drinks all night if you're Swedish AND covered in 'Tatoos', plus the second annual Dutch wave retrospective!!! midnight-1am...)
41 Broadway(Wythe/Kent)
J train to Marcy, L to Bedfd