Steal Yr Own Identity to be a Distant Echo of the WIERD...

Tuesday April 25th, 2006

Yes the Wierd truly has been very rare lately, very sorry about that, sad truth as some of you know I got robbed pretty badly and lost nearly everything I own, including about 2/3rd of the very rare WIERD archives which hopefully Glenn and I can manage to get back somehow, but we ain't dead yet and this week we're back and rarer than ever as the ever enigmatic Cowboy Mark spills into theee BK on his dust covered white stallion all Bloody to spin the Coldwaves all night long...
   So apart from it being one of the worst feelings in the world, having yr architectural body violated by the bad people(who for the sake of arguement we'll call the 'funky' people as funk has been my lifelong terror, here em'bodied') becomes pretty interesting after a while.  First thing you have to do is spend days drifting around 'looking for your shit' in pawnshops where the funky people take it.  the word 'shit' is Very Rare here especially as i realized everyone from the cops to yr best friends, landlord and parents refer to your stolen belongings as 'shit' when asking you if 'you got IT back'(ie 'did you find yr shit Yo?').  thing i was thinking is of course not only is yr shit the 1. one thing you'd never care to have stolen, 2. the only thing most likely thee funky people COULD never steal and 3.the ONLY thing if it were stolen you'd most likely never need to get back, complicated.... I think though the answer to how this 'abjective'(this is my new term as Im convinced Kristeva was dyslexically drunk and flipped her d at the time of 'naming her shit' as adjectives are always 'excess') arose becomes clear when you leave the house to go 'look for your shit', most likely to be found in the very rare abstract world of Pawn shops.  'Looking for your shit' in pawnshops truly is the abstraction of shopping.  Usually it seems shopping,or even 'looking' for anything - shoes, a boyfriend, drugs, ideas etc.)  is motivated by a desire to 'find' something exciting which you've never seen and don't 'have'.  Though trying to find yr 'shit' that was stolen or for that matter 'looking for' anything  is the exact inverse of this as in this case the whole process is totally divorced from desire and pleasure(thus the 'shit') because you know the exact specific thing you 'need', as you're trying to buy something thats yours and you 'already have', so in thee lovely tradition of decaf coffee, karaoke, etc. once again this is 'shopping without the shopping' and as always when something is abstracted the 'thing' to be 'found' has to become shit in order for this 'IT' to ever be found.
   The other very rare thing I realized the mysterious funky ones stole was perhaps myself, as they got my passport and can take my identity, which secretly has always been a 'phantasy' of mine so I could finally meet myself, and have myself come a be a guest DJ at WIERD.  Thing is I always wanted to figure out how to steal my own identity and I now know how to at least be accused of doing it.  So I had to put a fraud alert block on my credit which is amazing couse I have no credit(very rare), but I didnt't realize this means anyone using my name to apply for a credit card gets reported to the police.  Forgetting for a moment I could be accused of 'being myself' for a moment, I tried once again to get a mastercard and I got this huge influx of phone calls, and emails from detectives and cred'it'people informing me that someone named 'Pieter S' was trying to get a card in my name, I of course replied to this accusation, 'But sir, I am Pieter S.', to which he replied, 'Well Pieter, please understand stealing yr own identity is a federal offense', 'Thats very rare I of course then said'...
    So on what I deemed that last day I was to spend 'looking for my shit'  I arrived home and there was a huge dog shit in a plastic bag in fromt of my door, finally I felt so happy as the timing of this amazing event couldn't have been better, as finally I'd found 'my shit', but it wasn't MINE....very rare...and for beyond thee distant echoes of thee WIERD.

Pieter and Cowboy Mark spin the Coldest waves of Spring
Tuesday, April 25th, 11pm-4am
WIERD @ Southside Lounge
(happy hour and thee second Polish wave retrospective - Ziyo, Siekiera, SS Till et al!!! midnight-1am)
41 Broadway(Wythe/Kent), BKNY
J train to Marcy, L to Bedfd