Thee Abstraction of Oolong is thee WIERD dreamvoice of (Nonliberal) PC's...

Tuesday March 14th, 2006

So, I fell asleep the other day drinking a cup of China Oolong tea (which I always drink when Im coldwave depressed as it suggests thee radically affirmative moment every Chinese girl discovers her new boyfriend's dick ISN'T the size of a very rare earthworm) and I had this really fucked up dream where I was trying to remember what someone had said to me and my 'inability to remember the said' was represented by a garbled sell phone voice... Of course this immediately made me way paranoid that the culture of abstraction was infecting my brain deeper than ever...Later that night my 'cumpewter' crashed' again (which is of course very rare as it suggests thee 'abstraction of violence'- i.e. a crash with the spatio-temporal 'accident' taken out) so I called my good friend 'Verdel' in New Delhi to fix my Nonliberal PC (must have mentioned this beautiful fact before that Dell outsources all their 'calls' to New Delhi at midnight each day, first time I called I got a guy named 'Verdel', which any Frenchwave0file might like suggests thee most 'verite-of-Dells', asked to speak to his supervisor and its really his fucking name... So I'm trying to get Verdel's xtension and the 'voice recognition system refuses to understand my words. So earlier I can't 'understand' (LITERALLY... important) my 'dreamvoice' and now thee exact inverse occurs that Dell can't understand 'MY' voice... Initially I became excited as logically my day would suggest the possibility that 'Dell' (an 'embodiment' of abstraction in its purest form) had had a dream about me (perhaps even my DutchwaveOolong, very rare) and now 'they' (which doesn't really work here as 'they' are 'prerecorded', thus noONE is 'there) are experiencing the same frustration and paranoia I was earlier, touche to abstraction!!! Unfortunately the other connection I realized in both cases (both my Dell's dreams) was that 'garbling' was in itself thee dark synth sign of language protecting the abstract from being 'figured' or controlled- being able to fix the PC/ 'understand' the dream. The following night at WIERD Im telling Glenn about the new Sprint ad (again brilliantly equating eMaLE texting with masturbation as the CEO 'sticks it to himself') and then Dell not 'recognizing my 'dreamvoice', and he says "yeah I've noticed all these kids in their early 20's don't move their mouths when they talk, I can't fuking understand them at all!" (as they 'sprint' through their sentances) Interesting thing about this, assuming for the sake of vulgar WIERD argument this age bracket- the first generation 'raised on abstraction' (formed their identities through the internet, etc.) - is often one which old horney people fantasize about in very rare moments of coldwave darkness, the amazing connection is 'realised' that such 'object of sexual fantasies/Dreams' are literally embodied (phonetically) as 'that which cannot be understood'. This in turn suggests there really now is a direct proportional relationship between the degree to which abstraction has 'penetrated' one, and the clarity and speed of one's speech. The excellent irony in this then seems older people who have yet to be 'penetrated' by abstraction rarely are able to 'penetrate' those 20-something physical figments of garbled voice, and the cure for such sadness is to 'reembrace abstraction' by turning to the internet for their vary rare pornfix... In other words one can't fuck the literal, physical embodiment of (20yr old) abstractions so they turn directly TO abstraction (the internet), and end up getting fucked (in the head, wallet) by the 'images' of these 'abstractions'- as they look up, and in a coldwave darkness to realize that Oolong is just a tea... not 'you n' me... cuz noone's free, they're all very rares, and noone even cares... or dares... to be WIERD...

Pieter and Glenn Sprint through Coldwave dreams of miserably unsatisfying pleasure
WIERD @ Southside Lounge
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