Thai-her-up and Take-her-Out of the Weird WIERD World....

Tuesday February 21st, 2006

Well in thee slightly sad aftermath of last weeks' realization that even blindness could become 'abstracted' from itself I've decided my favorite food is officially 'take-out' for because of its name it presents itself as something which has already been 'emptied out' yet when you eat it there's definitely something 'there'(thus thee very rare...) so (as 'blindness was a week ago) its the WIERD's new hope for 'that which resists abstraction'...So I ordered over the phone, and got ready to go 'pick-up thee take-out', which I couldnt decide was either a complete impossibility or maybe was the kinkiest thing ever, I hoped for the latter and the sell foam wang...'Hey dude, whatr you guys doin tonite?'...'I dont know , think we're eatin out.'...'Wow, thats hot man, thanks fr sharin(though he was just an 'acquintance:), oooh)  dont worry I won't tell yr girlfriend you told me, hey Im eatin out too!'...'What? Whoa really, who you eatin man?'...'Thai I think, got this new 'ethnic thing goin on'...'Yeah you know I was thinkin 'Thai take-out' is great because it suggests you're 'thai-ing' the 'thing' back together as you consume it!, which is great because it literalizes and thus makes 'eating take-out' truly 'possible'...God dude, shut the fuck up, yr so damn arty, oh hey speakin of arty, did you hear those straight artfag liberals you love are havin a demonstration tomorrow at some old bodega in Bushwack to get them to sell 'Skim Milk'....So I didnt believe my friend so I had to go see and indeed the white liberal 'art people' showed up en masse with their New Balances, yoga mats and unread Zizek books in hand at this totally dignified PR family-run Bodega thats been around fr 30 yrs with signs etc...So I rushed out of the house to check this very rare/bordering on perverse event out!...Thing I was excited about and was I thought the best way to fight the sadness of it all was the fact that honestly till I was 18 or so I thought it was called 'Skin Milk'(and adding that extra 'bump to the 'n' lovingly creates the ass, a lovely Puerto Rican big booty in this case, that was about to get 'fucked by the wickedness ov abstraction' setting in...)...So the whole event was amazing, blew away any performance art Ive ever seen!  White art people marching around holding signs that said 'Give us Skim Milk!' as they MILK THEE SKIN, thus 'taking out, or (Un -Thaiing) the locals.  So i sat down and watched this amazingly uncanny spectacle next to 2 very cute babies whose Mom's had put them on their Yoga mats to watch Mama 'get her milk' (which the wimpering little girl didnt seem so happy as she seemed to be needing her hourly milk and Mama was busy tryin to get her own), which made me realize I think how and perhaps why Yoga's popularity increases exponentially with thee onset of abstraction.  I asked the older little boy why his 'Mommie liked Yoga' and(no shit - amazing) he said, 'Well My Mommie says she escapes and it feels nice!'...'The little boy nailed it of course I think as the fantasy implicit in(and thus the 'contemporary' nature of(which when I say it always implies 'allowing one to forget abstraction 'IS')  yoga is that it presents the 'illusion of (ecstatic) emBODYment through PHYSICAL transcendance', or in other words experiencing(the impossible contradiction) of 'getting in touch' with one's body by leaving it...Amazing thing is this is exactly the same contemporary pleasure of 'loving a great de-caf latte' in that you get to 'have' the thing without having to have the 'thing' - caffeine - or in this case REAL WONDERFUL FLESH (for if you did you might have to actually indulge in visceral pleasure with ANOTHER's body, and thus 'eat-out'...very rare for eastern religion, funny thing is so many 'Eastern' restaurants survive on 'selling take-out' both as a 'food' AND an exercise regimen...very rare, bordering on radically hypocritical)...At that point the amazing little boy looked up at me and smiled and gurgled a little wet laugh, as if he 'saw through' the whole beautiful mess that his Mommie had 'taken-him-out' to see, and from the look in his wild green eyes he was still in there,,,and and thus very rare...and on our side...WIERD...

Pieter and Cheyney Thai 'IT' up 4ever so 'IT'LL NEVER be TAKEN OUT again!!!
Tuesday February 21st, 11pm - 4am
WIERD @ Southside Lounge
(happy hour and legendary San Francisco wave label 'Epithet Records' retrospective - Autumn Cathedral, Crimson Ivy et all!!!, midnight - 1am...)
41 Broadway(Wythe/Kent), Wmsbrg, BKNY
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