Open Yr Blinds and Pray You See NOTHING(from the 8th Floor) at WIERD!!!

Tuesday February 14th, 2006

1. DJ GILLES LeGUEN will be spinning this week at WIERD.
2. He will be spinning Fridge Funk.
3. Thee WIERD did not invent the amazing category 'Fridge Funk' but rather our
    allies in Brussels have informed us it was first uttered by Red Zebra's roadie the
    first time he saw 'A Certain Ratio' perform in Aachen in 1983.
4. Belgian people are often disliked by Dutch people because they perspire too much
    and are uncomfortable at parties.

So it seems safe to define 'Hallucination' as basicly 'something you see which is not there'.  This past week the WIERD however was very pleased to find however that within thee Coldwave space in which apparently psycho-linguistics and Psychoanalysis meet there is another very rare term known as 'Negative Hallucination'.  A Negative Hallucination clinicly occurs when one 'does NOT see something which IS there', common examples being when one delusionally neglects to see a certain physical attribute in a mirror or when a child before the acquisition of language cries for its mother, when in fact it is in the mother's arms.   The WIERD finds in this 'symptom' quite interesting as it is literally a case of 'being blind without being blind', and thus slightly sad because we thought that the notion of 'blindness' was perhaps the only shining star of hope as the one thing which could never become 'abstract', or taken out of itself, i.e. 'blindness without the blindness'.  I was reading this very rare fact stated by a certain post fridge-funk psycho-linguist from Rotterdam while sitting in darkness in a small room in extremely Coldwave New Hampshire this past week and I realized it was so dark in the room precisely because thee 'Blinds'were 'down'...Thus I had encountered a problem...If Blinds were a true 'abstraction' such as capital, auto insurance, decaf coffee, 'turkey-franks' and all the other lovely 'ITs' that make our abstract world thee very rare thing it is today, how could it be either 'up' or 'down', or in other words how could it be located in 'space'???  Thinking optimistically(I suppose) that maybe blindness was perhaps resistant to thee forces of abstraction after all, I rushed over to thee dark synth window and opened the BLIND... When I did so two things happened: 1. Light filled the 'room'. and 2. I suddenly felt like such a fuking idiot that I had never considered the fact that household 'blinds' are literally a 'reference' to the eyelids attached to one's face, thus opening the eyes/blinds lets light in, 'sight'(maybe we can even call it 'room') occurs etc. etc....I realized at that moment I had discovered another instance(as a certainrecent WIERD legsure on car interiors as 'allegorical spaces for gender-dysphoria fantsies' demonstrated) of architecture forcing you to be located in the 'mind' or even 'brain', in other words, if you 'open the blinds which are 'eyes' you must be behind those 'I's', and in that skull to which those eyelids are afixed.  The thought which obviously followed however was this 'being located inside the brain' idea in the case of a 'house' had to be examined in relation to a 'negative hallucination',so I looked around and realized I was in a single story house.  This seemed crucial(and also crucial that it had no basement!), because if I was in the head, and this head was situated literally on the 'ground', theres no way this head had a body attached, and without a body, and thus a heart, this head could never see, and even though the 'blinds' were opened, I could never truely 'see' out those windows from this brain, because this whole body was absolutely coldwave decapitated, and therefore dead, and if it was dead abstraction would still affix itself to 'blindness' because 'the blinds' had been removed yet the 'head' was necessarily 'blind' because it was lying on the ground...I then suddenly remembered from figure drawing classes that the head was 1/8th of a human body, so I figured that the only way I could fight against this 'abstraction of blindness' was to find an 8 story building, so I rushed downtown to the local 'Holiday INN'(which by the way Ive always been obsessed with why its not 'Holiday OUT', figure its probably the same erotic visual associations that create prejudice towards 'Outee' human navals...), and asked for a room on the 8th floor. Unfortunately there were no vacancies up there( 'vacancies' for thee 'abstraction' to occur...) so I snuck into a room while the maid was cleaning and with my eyes closed to maximalize thee coldwave drama hopefully about to 'unfold'(literally in this case, very rare), slowly, slowly, I opened the 'blind'...Just at that moment I felt a hand grabbing my arm, and then dragging me out into the hall, it wasnt a maid but a half nude not-very rare woman who called security to keep me from preventing abstraction from affixing itself to blindness, which in thee end it did...for even though I was in a functioning 'head'(architecturally), opening the blinds still left me blind, and I was never privelaged to have the honor of experiencing thee ultimate 'Negative Hallucination...Very Rare, and thus WIERD....

Pieter, and Gilles spin Coldwave for thee blind eyes whom 'SEE ALL'!!!
Tuesday, Febraury 14th, 11pm-4am
WIERD @ Southside Lounge
(happy hour and free drinks if you live on the 6th floor, as that where proportionally thee very rare 'HEART' is located, and its VALENTINES day(ooooh..), midnight-1am!!!)
41 Broadway(Wythe/Kent). Wmsbrg, BKNY
J train to Marcy, L to Bedfd