Blacklist thee Very Rare WIERD...

Tuesday January 10th, 2006

This week WIERD presents an afterparty for thee very rare Blacklist show tonite at piano's at 10:30, so slither on in and hear our beloved kings of NYC coldwave spin their fave frozen hits at Midnight!!!

Being one who generally loves 'dramatic' things, and considering the fact of my new hasidic landlord's hysterical religiosity, it really feels there's something vaguely exciting about my new monthly event of 'paying thee overhead', each time I send him a very rare 'check' in thee mail, unfortunately the check's always get 'cashed' so sadly as is often true I have to 'drop an e'(and unfortunately its not the 'precapsule 1987'tab'), and thus realize that 'the overhead' really is just this sad ceiling fan I cant quite figure out how to attch my new 29" disco ball to...Pondering this problem I brushed my teeth with 'Aim', which always make me feel quite secure as I havent 'missed' yet, and walked down to see the WIERD's new provider of the 'urrent status of abstraction' report 'Dave' at the sell phone shop.  Dave's all self-deprecating as many 20 something hip liberals ofetn are and at one point he says, 'I mean, shit man, I just sell sell phones', (I realize at that moment the battle had begun...) 'Oh wow Dave, you know my Dutch Cousin Angelique has a stutter too, she's a lovely young fashion model from Nijmegan, her parents thought fashion would be an excellent career for someone with a speech impediment, do you model too?'...'M-Me M-Model, NNNNoway man,...'(amazing), 'But that chic over there does,'...'Oh yeah I thought she was talkin on a wireless sell phone?, but maybe she really is just stuttering to herself over in the corner in darkness...'  'No man, she's testin ou the new bluetooth promo model, it goes inside yr ear and is the first microphone that picks up the sound INSIDE your body'...'Oh cool, but actually Dave I had blue tooth an hour ago inside my dody as I switched from Crest to AIM' and when you brush yr teeth all you can hear is the inside of yr mouth being scrubbed, and its great because when Im brushin my teeth noone thinks Im insane and talkin to myself like her.'...'Well maybe you should use bluetooth when you have blueteeth?'...'I was talking about that dilemma last week dave because my landlord similarly is 'handycapped', but because of his religion is not allowed to be 'handicapped, but thing I can't figure out is God made him wear the handy cap'...'Pieter difference here is you use good AIM to get bluetooth, but you STILL HAVE blue tooth in your ear even after you wash yr mouth out'...'Wow dave,so yr sayin if I dont wash my mouth out after I brush I can both HAVE a Bluetooth and BE ON bluetooth'...'Yeah man exactly, and evryone will think yr all fukin nuts and not just cause yr talkin to yr self, but because you got foamy blueshit streamin all down yr face'...'And if Im Protestant so maybe I can get in a Yamaha accident and then Ill get a stutter and yet Ill still be able to get blue teeth without even havin bluetooth'...'Whoa that would be amazing man,'..yeah and very rare...

Pieter, Maya and the Boys from Blacklist spin Coldwave
Tuesday, January 10th, 11pm-4am
WIERD @ Southside Lounge
(happy hour midnight - 1am and free drinks if yr NOT a bloated off duty drunk cop askin us where you 'can score some cheap blow'...very rare)
41 Broadway(Wythe/Kent), Wmsbrg, BKNY
J train to Marcy, L to Bedfd