Very Rare Birthday...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hello all, so its that sad coldwave time of thee year known as the birth of the WIERD, Glenn's spinning at this bar on the LES so thought I'd let everyone know we'll be there if you'd like to stop by and offer your condolences for the fact that somehow I'm still alive, don't ask me I don't understand it... if you want to get gifts remember I always need more paisley bikini underwear and Asylum Party bootlegs...what else is there...very rare, Pieter.

TONIGHT will be a special evening of Hail at the Darkroom as Glenn of Blacklist takes to the wheels der steel and we celebrate WIERD Pieter's very rare birthday!!!

HAIL @ Darkroom - [165 Ludlow]
DJs Ryan + Glenn spin
Classic Goth + Chilling Waves + Rock du Mal +Sounds of Industry
11pm :: FREE