A very Rare Update from the WIERD...

Tuesday, October 12, 2006

Well the WIERD has returned from Germany where it seems our beloved WIERD heroes Martial Canterel and Xeno and Oaklander have got Deutchland under their frozen cold thumbs!!! The release parties could honestly not have gone any better, we sold nearly 1/3 of the entire edition of the LP and more importantly drank all thee repressed bespectacled architects and 'Future-Pop 'Rave-Goths' alike under the Modernist glass table. Our website will soon be expanded to include photos and videos from this and other WIERD related events so stay tuned. Sean's performance was so chilling that Twilight Ritual invited him to travel to Belgium this Saturday and open up for them at the Minimal Synth Summit at Sint-Niklaas. For all you overseas at the moment deeply embedded in the banal sadness that is Paris fashion week and the Frieze art fair in London, here's where the truly very rare art's goin down this weekend!!!

Saturday, October 14th, 2006, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium!!!
9pm: Martial Canterel(NYC, USA)
10pm: Oppenheimer Analysis(London, UK)
11pm: Twilight Ritual(Ghent, Belgium)
DJs: Cerrone and Aime
Door: 10 Euros

OJC Kompas vzw
Driekoningenstr. 48
9100 Sint-Niklaas
Tel: 03/776.72.70

In other very rare news of the WIERD the Compilation is out in Europe and will be in stores here beginning on Saturday. In the city it will be available at Other Music and Hospital Productions(E.3rd St btwn 2nd/3rd), but if you're truly WIERD you'll be so kind as to support the label and buy it directly from us through the website: http://www.wierdrecords.com/ . The few sypathetic WIERD souls out there that have it are feeling the very rare chills and the reviews are rolling in, latest review from Leeds, UK is here(scroll down to Oct 8th.): http://djdeath.livejournal.com

We've decided to push the NYC WIERD Compilation Release Party back one more week to accomodate the few bands that could not make it so this rarest of all very rare events will now take place on Thursday, November 9th at Club Europa in Brooklyn, tabloid rumours have it all your favorite WIERD heroes will be performing, no idea how the fuck we're gonna do it but regardless this evening be a truly fab WIERD mess of an event not to be missed!

WIERD Records Presents the WIERD Compilation Record Release Party!!!
Thursday November 9th, 9pm-4am
Live performances by WIERD Records recording artists 2VM, AVague Disquiet/Mark Solotroff, Blacklist, Column, Diako Diakoff, Epee du Bois, Fanuelle, Martial Canterel, Sleep Museum, Staccato du Mal, Three to Forgotten, Tobias Bernstrup, and Xeno and Oaklander(all artists TBC). DJs Pieter, and Glenn, from WIERD Records!!!

Club Europa
98-104 Meserole Ave.(corner of Manhattan Ave. in Greenpoint)
Ph. (718)383-5723
G train to Nassau Ave., L to Bedfd.

Lastly I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all your lovely melancholic emails about the mysterious dissappearance of the WIERD, its nice to know we're missed on those lonely cold autumn Tuesday nights...I'm not going to say exactly where at this point but rumors have it WIERD may resurrect its sad little self for the 3rd time sometime in Mid-late November, untill then, stay cold and always be...very rare, P.