A Lovely Backhand sends the kickball Market to Argentina at WIERD...

Tuesday, September 6th, 2005

So Miguel and I are enjoying our slightly dirty Martinis in our starched and pressed whites supporting Team Argentina as we always of course do at the US Open, and debating the excellent fact that Nike and Newport have the same logo simply turned upside down when it becomes slightly 'unhealthy' to 'Just Do It Alive with Pleasure', Miguel's phone rings and he says, 'hey man its some Puerto Rican gentleman screaming about some plant that has a moustache', oh yeah thats for me, 'Hey Ray wat up man, Miguel and I are down in Argentina dressed it white yet so alone in darkness...' 'Oh yeah Katrina Crazeee, make everybody go to dee superdome!, hey i put little moustacheback on Teddy and he wanna meet CINDEE' 'no Ray it actually not so windy, Nadal's backhand is looking great!, oh hey Ray, Blake just called to say the Times leaked the news Tasty-d-lite got busted by the FDA for lying about the 'fat content', its all over man, what are we gonna do, no more 'oreos and creme' on every second Thursday?' 'OK yah, Cindee nice gonna play with Teddy tonite, da Yahnkees gonna play dee mets, i got decaf cuse you say you like donuts right OK?' 'Yeah Ray We'll be there though remember Cindee's likes the Argentine's but when she takes off that Teddy there better be a well trimmed Brazilian or she's gonna start rootig for 'Rawdick', even though he just lost to a mets fan from Luxembourg' ' Peet, i tell you i never go to dee Met, and Teddy no like dee mets so maybe hee gonna take off too!!!' 'Yeah man, but MOMA's open of course, as the vulgarity of modernism's always open and forever 'sold out''  'What you say bout my Momma PEET!, Not so nice, Teddy gonna put his clothes back on my face and no see CINDEE!!!' 'Ray I just told you its not so windy and Nadal's up 2 sets as his backhand's on, Argentian will not Fall!!!'  ' What, you say Kickball???, you fukin Crazee make no sense PEET!' 'Yeah Ray I was just telling Miguel we found out the #1 manufacturer of 'kickballs'(the pretty yellow ones') is here in BK and they refuse to export them to Canada as they lose $ in post so the Canadians are smuggling them over the border and there's this huge new bootleg kickball market, big bucks man, we should do it, make you a litle extra cash so you can go see yr lover in PR!'  'OK Peet, I put back on dee covers, Cindee put back on her Teddy till she gatta Brazilian and we go to dee Mets to see dee yankees' 'Cool Ray man, good to talk to you as always'....

In other less WIERD news I'll be spinning Wed. night at Cakeshop for the highly anticipated Blacklist show, come on out and support the genius of 3:1:G and Co., the coldest waves to hit NYC in years!!!

Pieter and Cheyney spin Coldwave, Dark Synth
Tuesday September 6th, 11pm - 4am
WIERD @ Southside Lounge
(Happy hour midnight-1am)
41 Broadway(Wythe/Kent), Wmsbrg, BKNY
J train to Marcy, L to Bedfd