WIERD is for Lovers...

Tuesday, September 27th, 2005

This is what you must know to attend WIERD this week:
1. Ray never went to Vancouver, he went to Toronto, which makes me think my gut feeling  that the 'girlfriend in Puerto Rico' and the immense handlebar moustache didnt quite 'gel'(very rare expression, not coldwave though).
2. Cindy is sick and my car needs a new muffler and my transgendered mailperson told me she thinks 'you insane if you aint think there some relations honey'.
3. People who play kickball are the EXACT same people who fetishize DIY 'cassette culture' from 1984-92, but i would never dare to tell them though.
4. Every hot coldwave cutie in NYC is after the mysterious 3:1:G  and not only because he wears 'smart shirts' and knows almost as much about very rare eastern european hairspray subcultures as i do but because his new band is undoubtedly about to take over the world and they know it.
5. My  'leftie'(as always thus right wing) Native American neighbor said she 'loved the inherent contradictions in the fact 'your goth' but also 'into jogging'', "so interesting", liberals always love contradictions...so literal...
6. The man behind(in this big straight faggots very rare opinion) the absolute darkest synth music being made anywhereon the planet, Mr. Ramiro Jean-Carlo Corales is spinning at WIERD next Tues., and no its not just because he's Latino(though thats pretty fukin hot you gotta admit!!!).
7. There have been rumors of various Blake Rayne sightings lin NYC lately(very rare, but more dark synth than coldwave), and if the master of 'Materialist Abstraction' himself makes an appearance in the hot wet womb of the WIERD tues 9/27 Im buyin free drinks for the whole bar and Curtis is gonna FINALLY get up on the bar and softly and quietly dip his gigantic penis in a shotglass of skim milk, and Mr. Oliver Helden is gonna drink it and then discretely move his moustache 1/4" to the right 9 minutes later.
8. And Most Importantly of all, the word 'PROJECT' is officially banned from WIERD!!!  Don't talk about your 'photography project', your 'synth project', your 'project room', your new 'renovation project', or your new 'craft project' of knitting transparent felt hamburgers out of your moms liquified fruit dental frost.  Seriously this word is simply NOT acceptable anymore, the  metaphorical implications of its Webster's definition should really be simply embarrassing for anyone!!!


Pieter and 3:1:G spin Coldwave
Tuesday September 27th, 11pm - 4am
WIERD @ Southside Lounge
(happy hour midnight-1am!!!!!!!)
41 Broadway(Wythe/Kent), Wmsbrg, BKNY
J train to Marcy, L to Bedfd
info: (718)387-3182