Even the Truly Wireles can 'Hook-Up' in the WIERD...

Tuesday, August 16th, 2005

Well apart from Cheyney's new dark synth 'all-over' body tan(no shit), this week was quite exciting in the WIERD as I finally managed to acheive one of my lifetime goals - to receive a parking ticket without parking!  So the second Wednesday of each month is quite d-lightful as tasty-d-lite has this amazing flavor called 'Mr. Henry'(no idea who Henry is except he's my absolute favorite flavor) so I picked up my friend Amy to go see the enigmatic Henry.  We had to stop on the way so she can drop off her very rare laundry and I wait in the car out front.  After about 11 minutes of waiting(with the engine running as I was listening to my new amazing 'Pavillon 7B'cassette tape(very rare as well)) and fantasizing about the pleasures Henry has in store for us a cop walks over and puts a ticket on my windshield...I rolled down the window trying to hold back my coldwave laughter(as my fantasy was about to come true), I said "..excuse me sir but why are you giving me a ticket?"..."you're parked in a 'no standing zone', check the sign yo,"..."but sir I'm not 'parked''..."yes you are"..."sorry sir but I thought parking was defined as 'leaving the car unattended with the ignition off?"..."no, you can be 'parked' anytime you're in your vehicle, moving or not", "so then everyone's 'parked' all the time?", "well, yes, technically..." (...amazing...) so then I had to ask the obvious..."Sir, do you prefer turkey-bacon or 'shopping on-line'?"..."get out of the car asshole"..."but then I'll be 'Standing', and there's 'no standing'"..."Yes, and you'll still be 'parking'"..."so, anyone standing is also 'parking'?"..."No, anyone as WIERD as you is an asshole"..."no sir, anyone WIERD eats chicken-sausage and buys real estate with 'no money down'"...needless to say I have a 'courtdate'...its gonna be way hot...and truly truly WIERD...

Pieter and Cheyney spin Coldwave, Dark Synth
Tuesday August 16th, 11pm - 4am
WIERD @ Southside Lounge
(happy hour and 'no standing' midnight-1am!!!)
41 Broadway (Wythe/Kent), Wmsbrg, BKNY
J train to Marcy, L to Bedfd