Forever WEIRD is thee OUT SIDE LUNG Tues. 3/15...

Tuesday, March 15th, 2005

This week WEIRD is proud to celebrate the birthday of resident DJ Ms. Dark Sinthya, otherwise known as the lovely Veronica Vasicka from, come on down to wish her a happy #22!!!

In Other WEIRD news Ben and I offer our appologies for the recent change in the smoking policy resulting from a certain lovely 311 call from a embittered neighbor obviously quite envious of our huge collection of very rare Frenchwave, and from the plethora of emails I received this week about it we're very aware of your frustrations - please understand we feel the same way, and no, unfortunately WEIRD will not be moving to Berlin nor Reykjavik next week though we will certainly take your offers very seriously if and when we ever do decide to move...All we can say is please be patient and this temporary policy will eventually resolve itself for the best we're quite sure...untill then welcome thee very rare birth of our new bar

Lastly this week I will also be spinning on Thursday night 3/17 11-4 at 'The Lung' with the legendary Chicago master of powerelectronics Mr. Mark Solotroff(Bloodyminded, Bloodlust records) and John Balistreri(SLOGUN/Cold Meat Industries)) for the No Fun Fest Preparty Celebration, which takes place this weekend Fri. and Sat. nights at 'The Hook', BKNY.


Pieter and Veronica spin Coldwave, Dark Synth
Tuesday March 15th 11pm - 4am
41 Broadway(Wythe and Kent), Wmsbrg, BKNY
J train to Marcy, L to Bedfd