A 'Strike' can Obviously Never TRANS thee 'IT' at WIERD!!!...

Tuesday December 20th, 2005

So in yet another crazed-hysterical dramatic coldwave moment to assure proper genital hygiene thee WIERD world headquarters fled this past week to Bushwack to excitedly mow down thee front pages of the 'Times'(like theres only 1, whatever?) and discovered all sorts of excellent very rare contemporary reminders that we're doing the right thing late in thee secret Tuesday nite...Firstly as if the WIERD's sadly tragic efforts to establish CRED - 'IT'(to allow thee Bushwacking to begin) weren't enough, the recent news that thee TRANS - 'IT' had staged a strike finally made us feel that anything 'remotely'(as opposed to 'directly' of course) involved with the ever mysterious real of the 'IT' is forever doomed to surrender to the very rare mysteries of that sacred world only thee WIERD has ever called its 'Ground' known as 'Kingdom Abstraction'...and thus we here at WIERD USA Central would like to once again drive home our eerie apocryphal suggestion #1 - that 'Even a Strike Can Never TRANS thee 'IT'!!! .... In addition to this the 'Time'(s) delightedly informed us that our heroic Coldwave allies in France had also just completed thee first human 'face transplant' this past Thursday.  If we were more self-consciously contemporary we could have had some blandly interesting thoughts on something as utterly vulgar as 'the status of subjectivity', but as always all we had to do was look at the world and notice we happened to be driving a 'You-Hall', and that this whole face transplant debacle could finally be thee 'thing' that explains to us how the 'I - Hall'(which occurs as 'I' in thee 'Hall' of my body 'Haul' my 'baggage', contained in such body, to Bushwack ) could  actually experience the radical notion of  a 'You-Hall', the ultimate philosophical impossibility - of being in another's body.  So as the French burn victim takes on the comatose other's 'face', she actually experiences the subjectivity-transference of going from an 'I - Hall' to a 'You - Hall'!!!, and so amazing as up untill this time we'd thought this whole notion of thee 'You Hall' was simply an utterly passive aggressive fuck-You from the Corporate world of such company, saying something so banal as 'Whatever, move yah shit yahself, YO, we ain't doin nothin!'....how uplifting to not act as proper liberals but to recognize, 'Wow, corporate America's really allowing us to be in someone else's body, how simply Lovely!', and how additionally lovely that heretofore being 'in someone else's body' was obviously 'suggested-by', but also only literally possible through thee sacred 'sexual act'...which as we all know too we'll is the only True Way to TRANS thee 'IT' forever!!!!!!!!!!!....So Coldwave, and as always...Very Rare...

Pieter and Cheyney spin thee Dark Synth TRANS'IT' without Penetration!!!!
Tuesday, December 20th, 11pm - 4am
WIERD @ Southside Lounge
(Happy Hour and free internet weblinks to U-haul's website 'fact #90 - cool info on carnivorous plants!'(no shit check it out...) - such a literal allegory of thee ominous 'You-Hall' which is thee body you're forever imprisoned in....midnight-1am!!!)
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