Rest Assured your Invisible Airport will not Disprove the History of Algebra @ WIERD...

Tuesday November 29th, 2005

I awoke this morning after a nightmare-filled sleep accompanied by Eppe DuBois' new very rare 12" 'Tracking Shot' to trace my eyes across the room from my computer to the all important 'History of Mathematics' book I always find slightly reassuringly on my top shelf, when suddenly a coldwave of very rare anxiety rushed in the door...I suddenly realized the airport my Mom gave me for my birthday may have just caused a huge crack in the ever-dignified history recounted in this book.  I always told my students back in my other life as an Algebra teacher that 'A + B = B + A', yet this seemed to be certainly NOT the case here in thee dark synth satin encrusted darkness that 'A computer with an Airport = An Airport with a Computer'(!!!)  The sweat began to pour down and I picked up the sell foam to call the All-Powerful 'Meta-Airport'(that is both Thee one I 'departed from', and Thee which gave me MY airport)...'Hey Mom its me - Im way freeked out because JFK doesnt look like my 'Dell' PC and the history of mathematics is all Fucked Up!!!'...'Oh honey, I asked you not to call me when you're drunk anymore'...'No, Seriously Mom, JFK's not a PC!'...'Honey, JFK was very PC, your Dad and I loved what he did for the blacks in Richmond.'...'Oh thats true, yr making me feel better, how'd you know my PC was black?'...'Honey' all PC's are black.'...'but that black dude next door hates me cause he's always callin me faggot ass(?)'...'Well I guess all blacks aren't PC then are they?'...But A + B = B + A, Mom!...'Honey that wasn't a very PC thing to sayto yr Mom!'...'My PC's off right now so I can say whatever I want!'...' Honey JFK's dead so he's 'OFF' too, its gonna be ok darling'...'So do you think if I turn my PC 'On' he will come back alive. MOM? because 'A + B = B + A', right'...'Honey why don't you plug your little white IPOD into your PC and use that to turn JFK on and then your PC will be white like JFK and then you can look at the JFK website and feel better?'...'So Mom, if you are MY airport, and I put an IPOD in you does that mean Dad's my IPOD?, because I don't have an IPOD!'...'Well maybe honey, because your Dad's 'not here', he went out to get some coffee'...'Is he getting Decaf or regular?'...'Decaf honey, you know your dad, he cant drink real coffee...'...'Oh thank god, so Dad's still WIERD, I guess everything's OK'...and therefore that means the history of Algebra is still OK, and Im OK...very rare...and still coldwave...

Pieter and Cheyney spin Dark Synth
Tuesday November 29th, 11pm - 4am
WIERD @ Southside Lounge
(happy hour and 5 minutes of silence for Johannes Kepler, midnight-1am)
41 Broadway(Wythe/Kent), Wmsbrg, BKNY
J train to Marcy, L to Bedfd