A Very Sincere Message from club WIERD...  

Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

Well I felt a bit confused today when I realized the WIERD email list has tripled in size in the last 6 months in conjunction with the fact that attendance at our weekly party at Southside has been a bit well, as a certain dark synth legend once said of his early gigs, "...slightly less than splendid...".  This is a bit sad as it suggests the email has taken on a life of its own and is thus failing to serve its purpose to encourage people to support the music and community we've worked so hard to build up over the last 5 years(yeah whatever I can 'flip-flop' and be a liberal too! At least I fuckin wear flip-flops - black with dark synth fuscia stripes, very rare, think a sweaty insomniac Pete Burns backstage in Orlando circa 81 'Black Leather Shangri-La' tour).

This isn't meant to make anyone feel guilty, as you have your art dealers and record label execs for that lovely daily service, its just to let you know that if attendance continues as is, WIERD will very soon come to a sad end.

Ben, Glenn, Cheyney and I began and have maintained WIERD throughout the thousands of hours we've spent playing music, making fliers and organizing live shows, and making and giving away mix cds of obscurities, and our friends' amazing music which most likely wouldn't be heard otherwise, and its all been a labor of love as we've never made a penny.  We began this thing out of our love of dark, romantic music and our mutual frustration with the fact that the sad state of contemporary music leaves no room for it or sympathy for it, and the truly exceptional individuals who are its creators are often socialy awkward, anti-social and well...WIERD, and thus have a hard time getting it out there to be heard.

So we have basicly 4 weeks to get attendance up to the point where its worthwhile for the bar to continue to support us as with the current explosion of the Southside of BK, theres hundreds of vulgar 20 somethings foaming and eagerly seething to get in there and pump their fists in the air as they ironically undercut 'She's Lost Control' with a breakbeat and shoot it through with a Hank Williams chorus.  We've maintained our 'don't trust anyone under 30' moto,  but we understand people that age often do have families and careers to attend to, but we just ask that maybe after your little post-semiotic chuckle following the 'digestion' of the weekly ejaculation of abject male hysteria that is 'the WIERD email', maybe you'll consider stopping by for a drink, as we'd love to have you.

Oh and by the way, its starting to get cold out there...


Pieter and Ramiro Jeancarlo(Staccato du Mal, Miami) spin Coldwave, Dark Synth
Tuesday, October 4th, 11pm - 4am
WIERD @ Southside Lounge
(happy hour and Human Flesh/Insane Music records retrospective - Midnight - 1am!!!)
41 Broadway(Kent/Wythe), Wmsbrg, BKNY
J train to Marcy, L to Bedfd